Canelo Alvarez claps back at ‘stupid’ doubters during face off with Jermell Charlo

Canelo Alvarez will put his undisputed super middleweight titles on the line against Jermell Charlo, who earned undisputed light middleweight status in May 2022 and will now move up in weight class for the fight.

The hype for the fight has been at a high level since the bout was announced. Building up to the fight, Canelo was doubted of his capabilities to defeat Jermell; however, in the face-off with Charlo, Saul Alvarez clapped back at the ones doubting him.

Canelo Alvarez claps back at haters

As great as Canelo may be, he has faced doubts about his abilities to defeat Charlo due as his performance is declining. In the press conference, when asked about the statement, “If Canelo takes this one lightly, he might find himself in a dog fight against Charlo,” Canelo responded by acknowledging that he didn’t look good in his last fights and stated that he is now fully prepared.

Canelo further went on to dismiss his critics who claimed that the Mexican champion is “declining.” He stated that people who say that are foolish and mentioned that injuries had slowed him down. Canelo emphasized that he is now fully recovered and urged the audience to wait for Saturday.

Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Chalo face off

Before their headline fight, the two boxers locked eyes at the press conference, exuding a sense of composure and determination as they prepared for their upcoming showdown in a few days.

Alvarez and Charlo got into a heated exchange at the press conference, as Chalo asked Canelo to not overlook his fighting experience and power. Canelo, being the experienced fighter he is, replied, saying that he never doubted Jermell and knows what he is capable of.

The two fighters praised each other for their respective skills and what they bring to the fight. Canelo boasted about his experience in the ring, saying he’s fought all kinds of fighters. In response to Charlo’s claims, Alvarez replied that while he may have fought the best fighters, he hasn’t fought Charlo yet. Canelo had the perfect reply, stating that Charlo will see and learn once he enters the ring with him.

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