Chiefs’ TE Travis Kelce recalls shocking story of brother Jason’s car stolen at a strip club

Athletes are often in the public eye for their impressive performances on the field. But their personal lives and anecdotes can be just as intriguing. In a recent episode of the podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis, Travis Kelce shared a shocking story about his brother Jason’s car being stolen at a strip club.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end shared a wild story about the time his brother Jason gave him a brand new Ford F-150 only for it to be stolen 10 hours later.

During their podcast, the younger Kelce revealed that his brother, who worked at a car dealership in Philadelphia, gave him the car to use while he was in college. Excited about his new wheels, Travis drove the F-150 straight to a strip club in Cleveland. But came out to find that the car was missing.

“My brother, when he got to the league, was working for a car dealership up in Philly — he knew I needed a car,” Travis told guest Shannon Sharpe.

After Jason gave him a car, he went to the strip club.

“Within the first 10 hours of me having the vehicle, I go up to Cleveland — you know, visit the ‘boom boom room’ — went to the strip club, came back out of the strip club (and) … that car was gone!’’ Travis later added completing the story.

What did Jason say about the story of Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce

Jason admitted that he had left the keys in the car. And there was even a spare key inside, which raised questions about who was to blame for the theft. However, the insurance company did not buy the brothers’ story about a break-in since there were no signs of forced entry. 

Jason playfully teased Travis about his tendency to lie, “You lied to me initially. You always lie.” But the incident taught them a valuable lesson about the importance of car security.

It may be tempting to let loose and have fun. But leaving keys in the car or leaving them unlocked can make it an easy target for thieves. Travis Kelce may have learned this lesson hard, but he is not alone. It is always wise to be vigilant about car security and to take steps to prevent theft.

The incident may have been shocking. However, it also serves as a reminder to be responsible and aware of one’s surroundings.

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