Mike Tyson sends a stern warning to David Benavidez on his bout against Canelo Alvarez: “He is not in his prime no more”

After defeating Caleb Plant, Mexican boxing’s rising star David Benavidez has set his sights on a fight with pound-for-pound champion Canelo Alvarez. However, in a recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the boxing legend had some sage advice for “The Mexican Monster.”

Mike Tyson

Wise Words From Mike Tyson to Benavidez on Chasing Canelo and Consistency in Boxing

Tyson, alongside guest Ryan Garcia, cautioned Benavidez about the risks of chasing the Canelo fight too soon. Drawing from his own experience, Tyson emphasized the importance of being strategic in choosing opponents and not fixating solely on one fighter. “You know what they do to guys like Benavidez, they wait till they get to the leaves his prime, and he is not in his prime no more, then they fight with these guys,” Tyson explained, urging Benavidez to consider other fights in the division and be consistent in his bouts.

Tyson, known for his aggressive fighting style and lightning-fast knockouts, shared he had fought 15 times in one year during his prime. While most of his fights ended in quick KOs, Tyson highlighted that even the few fights that went the distance did not deter him from staying consistent and gaining valuable experience in the ring.

Furthermore, Tyson revealed the harsh reality of the boxing world, where fighters like Benavidez are often stalled by opponents who avoid facing them until they believe the fighter is past their prime. Tyson urged Benavidez not to fall into this trap and to keep fighting regularly to continue honing his skills and maximizing his potential.

Iron Mike’s Insight: Why Benavidez Shouldn’t Wait for Canelo Alvarez, But Instead Follow Tyson’s Advice for Boxing Greatness

With Canelo Alvarez currently focused on a rematch against Dmitry Bivol, Benavidez may need to bide his time and take on other formidable opponents in the meantime. Tyson emphasized that facing a variety of fighters would ultimately make Benavidez a more well-rounded and formidable competitor, increasing his chances of becoming one of the greatest boxers of his generation.

Rather than fixating solely on one opponent, Tyson advises Benavidez to be strategic, consistent, and willing to face a variety of opponents to maximize his potential and avoid being stalled by opponents who may try to wait until he is past his prime. As the boxing world eagerly anticipates the outcome of this potential showdown, Benavidez would do well to heed Tyson’s advice and make every fight count on his journey to boxing greatness.


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