Christian McCaffrey’s mom declares her ‘love’ for Taylor Swift is ‘dead’ ahead of 49ers vs Chiefs Super Bowl clash

As the Super Bowl draws near, excitement keeps on growing. Not only the field is going to be star-studded, but the gallery as well, as multiple high-profile celebrities are expected to attend this spectacular event.

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, despite having a busy schedule, is expected to be present to support her boyfriend. However, a surprising twist unfolds as Lisa McCaffrey, mother of San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, makes a bold claim about Taylor Swift and her music. 

Christian McCaffery’s mom reveals why Taylor Swift being boycotted

Christian McCaffrey’s mother has decided to boycott Taylor Swift and her music in the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

“I refuse to listen to Taylor Swift songs for the next couple days. I love her, I love the relationship, but we are boycotting any T. Swift songs,” Lisa McCaffrey said.

The decision is influenced by Taylor Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, who will be playing against Lisa’s son, Christian McCaffrey. Lisa explicitly stated her commitment to not listening to any Taylor Swift songs for the next few days and declared she was dead for her.

“If she pops up on the radio station… nope. She’s dead to us this week.”

Despite being a fan of Swift with her music on her running playlist, Christian McCaffrey’s mother will temporarily set aside her musical preferences to support her son’s team, the 49ers, in the Super Bowl.

She also shared that she faced a predicament in securing eight tickets together for the Super Bowl, wanting everyone to be together. However, she found the tickets outrageously expensive.

“They’re stupid expensive as I don’t know if it’s the Taylor Swift factor. If it’s the first time in Vegas factor. There’s so much going on.”

Lisa will be watching the Super Bowl from a suite, a generous gesture from Christian McCaffrey’s fiancée, Olivia Culpo, who purchased the suite for the occasion and gifted it to Lisa.

Taylor Swifts impact on NFL fans

Taylor Swift’s influence on the NFL and Chiefs fans’ has been evident ever since her relationship with Travis Kelce became public. She has boosted the number of NFL fans incredibly.

The league has actively embraced Swift’s attendance at games, leveraging it for engaging social media posts and capturing her reactions during the games.

The NFL witnessed its most-viewed playoff game since 2016, with the Chiefs vs. Dolphins matchup attracting 23 million viewers on the streaming platform Peacock. Swift’s presence contributed to the highest-rated and most-watched Wild Card weekend for the NFL since 2016.

Christian McCaffrey
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Her first appearance at a Chiefs game resulted in 27 million views, marking the most for a Sunday night game since the last Super Bowl. The increased viewership, particularly from young women, highlights the “Taylor Swift effect.”

Recently, it was reported that she helped the Chiefs and the NFL earn $331.5 million this season because of increased viewership and a lot of Swifties turning into NFL fans.

Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce, also applauded Taylor Swift for her positive impact on the young generation. Swifties recently donated a generous amount to Tyler Bass, who was facing severe backlash from his own fans, which is a testament to the positive influence Taylor Swift has on her fans.

Despite people criticizing her appearances in NFL games, Taylor Swift had a huge and positive impact on the NFL fans, which proved beneficial for the league and the Chiefs. Will she be able to influence a Chiefs victory in the Super Bowl? Make sure to tell us in the comments section.

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