Christian McCaffrey’s mom Lisa recalls 1999 Super Bowl memory: “he was technically lost”

The 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey is finally going to have his dream of playing in the Super Bowl realized. However, this is not going to be his first appearance in the coveted game, as the RB already attended a Super Bowl game when he was young.

McCaffrey’s first Super Bowl experience was during Super Bowl XXXIII, which took place at the end of the 1998–99 season. Recently, his mother, Lisa, shared a humorous story from her son’s first appearance in the Super Bowl game.

Christian McCaffrey once got lost at Super Bowl

Lisa McCaffrey shared a memory from that Super Bowl in a recent NFL Films feature. She mentioned being on the field with her sons, including Christian, and being pregnant with her third son, Dylan, at the time.

Lisa recalled a specific moment during the celebration on the field when Christian McCaffrey, who was two years old at the time, got lost briefly. 

She described him as “technically lost” amidst the confetti and chaos of the celebration.

“I do remember that moment. We all get in the field. I had (eldest son) Max, him; and I remember being enormously pregnant with (third son) Dylan when he was two years old just running around the confetti and just remembering that he was technically lost when that picture was shot. So really good parenting.”

Lisa humorously referred to the incident as an example of “really good parenting,” likely indicating her ability to manage the situation despite the unexpected circumstances. This time she will watch her son play in the Super Bowl game from the suite gifted by her son’s fiance.

CMC on the verge of NFL history

Christian McCaffrey can make NFL history if the San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl against the Chiefs. CMC is the son of Ed McCaffrey, who played for the 49ers and won Super Bowl XXIX.

If CMC wins the upcoming game, he will create history as Christian and Ed will become the second father-duo in NFL history to win a Super Bowl with the same team. 

Christian McCaffrey
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The only other duo to do it is Steve and Zak DeOssie, who both won the Vince Lombardi Trophy with the New York Giants. 

Christian McCaffrey talked about this possibility and stated that he wasn’t initially aware of the significance of his father’s Super Bowl win in 1999. But now he recognizes it and is aiming to win a Super Bowl himself. 

However, Christian is not the only one aiming to score this record. The HC of the team, Kyle Shanahan also has the same opportunity as his father, Mike Shanahan, who also won three Super Bowl games. When the 49ers won the big game last time, Mike Shanahan was the offensive coordinator and Ed McCaffrey was a wide receiver. For the upcoming game, Mike’s son Kyle is the head coach of the team and Ed’s son is the RB of the team.

The big game is scheduled for February 11, and fans are eagerly waiting to see whether Christian McCaffrey and Kyle Shanahan will be able to follow in their fathers’ footsteps or not.

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