Conor McGregor’s new message open to fight ‘YouTube nerds’ will surely interest Jake Paul

Ahead of his Hollywood debut in “Roadhouse,” Conor McGregor hinted at being receptive to offers from YouTube boxers. McGregor recently acknowledged the lucrative nature of YouTube boxing events but expressed his willingness to engage in such matches only on a casual basis, referring to it as a “nixer.”

McGregor also found it curious that YouTube personalities like Jake Paul would challenge seasoned fighters such as Mike Tyson.

Conor McGregor open to fight ‘YouTube nerds’ ft. KSI, Jake and Tommy

In a recent conversation with Sneak Peak, Conor McGregor expressed that he is ‘open’ to fight ‘YouTube nerds’ after he acknowledged that it is a completely different world.

“You know I would consider that a nixer. You know? Your uncle’s friend needs a radiator fitted in his house, so you’ll do a side-job? I’ve always considered them nixers,” said McGregor, referring to YouTube boxing as an odd job that he would do to earn a minimal amount of money.

“If I were to call one out… hmm… KSI has a big name in the UK. The Pauls? The Tyson fight is just strange to me. Old Tyson takes his nose off,” said McGregor, believing that Mike Tyson would win over Jake Paul in July and considering a potential matchup if it were to be with the UK star, KSI.

“Fury (Tommy Fury) called me out today. And he beat Jake and fought KSI… it’s just another world innit? I’ll never say no,” concluded McGregor, expressing that he does not wish to close all doors, but rather keep them open for all opportunities that might come his way.

Jake Paul once called out Conor McGregor for $50M bout

Back in 2020, Jake Paul had officially called out Conor McGregor for a boxing match via his YouTube channel.

According to Jake Paul, his team had sent Conor McGregor a $50 million contract with proof of funds, and that Conor McGregor ‘was scared to fight’ Jake.

Jake Paul further went on to discredit Dustin Poirier (an opponent of McGregor at the time), comparing him to his dog, and then further talked ill of Conor McGregor’s wife.

Jake Paul also initiated trash talk with the president of the UFC Dana White after White stated that Paul would have “zero chance” when it comes to fighting McGregor.

The fight between Conor McGregor and Jake Paul never happened, leading Jake Paul to pursue matches with other retired athletes instead. To date, Paul has fought eight retired athletes and is now eyeing a potential matchup against the legendary Mike Tyson, often referred to as “The Iron” Mike Tyson.

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