Cuban officials announcement: Cuba’s boxers to take part in official boxing competitions after ages

Cuba has always been a country full of boxing potential. Cuba has produced some of the finest boxers, like Teofilo Stevenson, Jose Napoles, and Kid Gavilan. However, after Fidel Castro took power in the 1960s, the boxing tradition was severely restricted.

The communist government has totally banned women’s participation in boxing. But, after many years, the Cuban government and the National Institute for Sports (INDER) announced on Monday that women in Cuba will no longer face any restrictions in participating in any boxing competition.

Ariel Sainz, vice president of Cuba’s Institute of Sports, remembered the boxing history of Cuba and thought that the women of Cuba would bring home gold medals too.

“Women’s boxing in Cuba… is going to bring us to the international medal table.”

“We have a (law) now that assures equality between men and women.”

The government has described a plan to arrange a tournament of 42 female boxers this month; from that tournament, they will select 12 boxers who will ensure their debut on international boxing events.

Alberto Puig, president of the Cuban Boxing Federation, considers that though they have lost time, these decisions will make up for the delay.

“We have lost time, but we will make up for it.”

The whole nation is celebrating the event as it ensures human rights. Cuban female boxer, Legnis Cala expressed her joy:

“After years of sacrifice and effort, the flame of boxing was beginning to flicker out for me. This is a dream come true for me.”

Cuban boxers migrated from Cuba to participate in the international events, which is one of the reasons for the Caribbean island’s boxers’ dominance in winning gold medals at the Olympics. 

As the Cuban government eases the process, the situation will change quickly, which is great news for combat sports admirers across the globe, as they will see so many better fighters.

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