Days after squashing transfer rumors, Luka Modric gets Carlo Ancelotti’s confirmation on his key Real Madrid role

Real Madrid’s veteran midfielder Luka Modric has been spending a lot of time on the bench recently. Luka Modric has been a part of Los Blancos for over a decade. It is hard to remember a time when the player was not there. He even signed a new one-year contract this season to prove his loyalty to Madrid.

The vice-captain has not been on the pitch as much lately, and Carlo Ancelotti has just revealed the reason why he is not giving the Croatian more game time.

Ancelotti backs midfield maestro Luka Modric’s key role

Every club in Europe spent millions of dollars on new young players this season, and Real Madrid is no exception. While players like Karim Benzema bid farewell to the club, other players like Jude Bellingham, Brahim Diaz, and Joselu joined the squad. Carlo Ancelotti has new young talent in his squad, and the manager wants to give them a chance to see what they are capable of.

Luka Modric
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Luka Modric and Toni Kroos have been controlling the midfield for Madrid for a long time now, and it is time for the youngsters to follow in their footsteps. In an interview, Carlo Ancelotti told the press that he is aware of Modric’s and Kroos’s abilities and wants to see what the new players bring to the table.

“They’ve done well and I’m convinced that the squad has a lot of competition and a lot of quality. I don’t need to give playing time to Modrić and Kroos to see what they can contribute; I know what that is. They may get fewer minutes this year compared to last season because they have extraordinary players behind them.” he said.

Madrid icon Luka Modric rejects Saudi Arabia transfer talk

More and More legendary players are now moving to the Saudi Pro League at the end of their careers to earn big cash. The Middle East has successfully lured several players away from Europe, but Luka Modric is not swayed so easily. He was a prime target for Saudi clubs this year. Some not only offered him a position in the squad but also promised to make him manager after his contract expired.

Luka Modric
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Luka Modric might have seen the most prosperous offers from the Saudi Pro League, but the Croatian captain still decided to stay at Santiago Bernabeu. He told the press that he is “happy and fulfilled” in Madrid. He also said that he does not need these big offers as long as he is enjoying every moment of football at Real Madrid.

“I don’t even need to boost my ego with these stories about big offers. I just want to enjoy every moment of football and Real Madrid. I will work as much as possible to be among the protagonists this season as well. There are a lot of games and competitions, and there will be space for everyone.”

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