Deontay Wilder Net Worth 2021: Salary, Endorsements, Contract, Earnings, Records, Charity

Deontay Wilder is one of the most dangerous boxers on the planet. The former WBC heavyweight champion is also the first American champion since 2004. Currently, Deontay holds a top-ten ranking in the Men’s Pound-for-Pound rankings. Today, let’s take a look at Deontay Wilder Net Worth.

Previously, Wilder found great early success as an amateur and even won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics. Subsequently, Deontay’s bronze medal and the nickname of his idol, Joe Louis served as the inspiration for his nickname, The Bronze Bomber. Above all, Wilder is recognized as one of the hardest punching boxers in the world today, with all his wins (41) coming by knockout. 

As a result, Wilder boasts a ridiculous 98% knockout-to-win percentage which has gotten him various accolades and numerous Knockout of the Year awards as well. So how has this impacted Deontay Wilder Net Worth? Let’s have a look at his career, salary, endorsement, and more.

A Glance at Deontay Wilder Asset Accumulation

Name Deontay Leshun Wilder 
Age 35 (Born October 22, 1985)
Net Worth $40 million (estimated)
Status Active
Salary $25 million (last fight)
Source of Wealth Boxing, Endorsements
Endorsements  Everlast, PureKana CBD, Recover 180, Raising Cane’s, etc. 
Endorsement Earnings $500,000
Marital Status  Divorced from Jessica Scales-Wilder, currently engaged to Telli Swift (8 kids)
Residence Alabama and California, United States
Charities Boxing’s Ambassador for Peace, Black Lives Matter, etc.  

What is Deontay Wilder Net Worth in 2021?

Deontay Wilder belt
Deontay Wilder poses with the belt during a news conference with Tyson Fury at The Novo Theater at L.A. Live on January 13, 2020, in Los Angeles, California. (Credits: Getty Images)

According to our research, Deontay Wilder Net Worth sits at an estimated $40 million in 2021. For the most part, Wilder makes most of his killing plying his trade in the ring but also from his lucrative endorsement deals.

Additionally, Deontay Wilder‘s incomings in 2020 saw him become the 56th highest-earning celebrity according to Forbes. Furthermore, this meant that Wilder also broke into the Top 20 of the world’s highest-paid athletes. 

As his trilogy fight with Tyson Fury draws nearer, Deontay will look to increase his bank balance and hope to once again break into Forbes’ rankings. In addition to that, Deontay will also be looking to leapfrog his #3 ranking as per TBRB and The Ring, so that he can continue to command big bucks for his upcoming fights.

Deontay Wilder’s Sources of Wealth

To begin with, Deontay Wilder has various sources of wealth. As such, the boxer owes the majority of his wealth to his professional boxing and endorsements. Let’s take a look at the brief detail on The Bronze Bomber’s earning sources.

  • Deontay Wilder’s Earnings through Boxing

Deontay Wilder punches Tyson Fury
Deontay Wilder punches Tyson Fury in the ninth round fighting to a draw during the WBC Heavyweight Championship at Staples Center on December 1, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. (Credits: Getty Images)

In his last fight with Tyson Fury, Wilder won a guaranteed purse of $7 million. However, PPV revenue meant that Wilder’s total payout reached a massive $28 million from the fight. Moreover, this was only half of his total incoming for the year 2020, which went well over the $45 million mark. 

Known for taking away massive amounts of money after his fights, Wilder is once again set to earn 40% of the PPV revenue ($20 million, approx) from the Tyson Fury trilogy fight. Here is a list of Deontay Wilder’s biggest paydays: 

Fights  Purse  PPV Split Bonus  Year 
Bermane Stiverne $1,000,000 50% 2015
Eric Molina $1,400,000 50% 2015
Johann Duhaupas $1,500,000 50% 2015
Artur Szpilka $1,500,000 60% 2016
Chris Arreola $1,400,000 60% 2016
Gerald Washington $900,000 60% 2017
Bermane Stiverne $1,400,000 50% 2017
Luis Ortiz $2,100,000 50% 2018
Tyson Fury $4,000,000 50% 2018
Luis Ortiz $3,000,000 60% 2019
Dominic Breazeale $2,000,000 60% 2019
Tyson Fury (2) $7,000,000 50% 2020
Tyson Fury (3)   N/A 40% 2021
  • Deontay Wilder’s Endorsement Deals

Although Wilder is such a big name in the boxing world, he does not have so many sponsors as his rivals do. However, we feel that this is probably due to Wilder’s focus and dedication towards his sport rather than wanting to be marketable and fancy. 

The Bronze Bomber’s endorsement deals include those with Everlast Boxing, PureCana KBD, Recover 180, Raising Cane’s among others. In summary, Wilder brings in $500,000 per year from his sponsorship deals. Additionally, Deontay has his apparel line called BombZquad. 

How Deontay Wilder Spends His Millions?

With such a big bank account, it is to be expected that The Bronze Bomber lives his life loud and lavish. However, Deontay also recognizes the need to use his wealth wisely and for the benefit of those around him. As such, Deontay does his part in looking after his 8 children and his team. However, doing this does not deter the boxer from spending on himself and rewarding himself after his fights. Let’s take a look:

  • Deontay Wilder Luxury House

Deontay Wilder’s California mansion.

Currently, Wilder resides in a mansion overlooking Lake Tuscaloosa in Alabama. Deontay lives here with his current girlfriend Telli Swift and their kids. The property features two-car garages, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen, a hot tub, and even a panic room, costing Wilder a reported $1.2 million. 

Recently, Wilder has purchased another luxurious mansion in California. It is a 6,344 sq. ft. property with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and two-car garages. The mansion set back Wilder an estimated $1.7 million. 

  • Deontay Wilder Luxury Cars

Deontay Wilder’s custom-made Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Likewise, Deontay also happens to have an affinity towards automobiles. As expected, Wilder’s garage is stacked with some top-of-the-line luxury rides. As such his vast collection of automobiles include: a Lamborghini Aventador ($560,000), Rolls Royce Phantom Convertible ($600,000), Rolls Roye Cullinan ($370,000), a Hummer H2 ($85,000), Polaris Slingshot ($21,000), and a few more. 

Rather than just being a man of expensive taste, Wilder also seems like a man with a classic heart. We say this because his garage also includes a Dodge Challenger and a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS, showing that sometimes inexpensive things mean just as much as expensive things. 

Deontay Wilder’s Non-Profitable Investments: The Charity Work

Despite reaching great heights in the world of boxing and earning a massive amount of money, Deontay remains a humble and a good man at heart. As such, the boxer has done his part in giving back to his community. For instance, when Coffeyville high school in Alabama was shut down by local authorities, Wilder stepped and helped convert the property into a community gym. 

Deontay also teaches younger people how to box and was named as Boxing Ambassador for Peace in 2019 by Pope Francis. Moreover, Wilder has always been an ardent supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement and is known to have donated good money for the cause. 

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