Despite claiming to not quit, Luis Rubiales resigns as RFEF President, UEFA vice-president position following World Cup Kiss incident

Luis Rubiales has finally resigned from his position as president of the Spanish Football Federation after weeks of criticism over his non-consensual kiss with Spain forward Jenni Hermoso during the presentation ceremony at the Women’s World Cup final. However, FIFA had already handed him an initial suspension for his misconduct amid the ongoing disciplinary investigation.

Earlier this week, Hermoso also filed a criminal complaint which led to prosecutors filing a case with Spain’s top court against Rubiales. Now the former RFEF President has given up his position, both at the UEFA and at the Spanish FA.

Luis Rubiales resigns as RFEF President despite claiming to not quit

Initially, Luis Rubiales, was resolute in his stance of not resigning from his position, despite the accusations against him. However, after a month, Rubiales did an about-face and officially announced his decision to no longer continue in his roles at the Spanish FA and UEFA. His decision was motivated by the hope that his departure would enhance Spain’s joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

In an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan on his program ‘The Uncensored Piers Morgan,’ Luis Rubiales revealed that he has decided to step down from his position as President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, as well as from the vice presidency of the UEFA Executive Committee. He stated that his decision came in the best interest of Spanish football and his family after three weeks of the incident. Additionally, the ongoing wave of criticism had put immense pressure on Luis Rubiales, leading to his resignation.

“I have officially submitted my resignation as the President of the RFEF to the Acting President, Mr. Pedro Rocha. I have also informed him that I have taken the same step with my position in UEFA so that my role as Vice President can be filled”, said an official statement Rubiales attached with his Twitter post.

“It is evident that I will not be able to return to my position. Persisting in holding onto my role would neither benefit the Federation nor Spanish football,” he added further in the statement.

Soccer world reacts to Luis Rubiales resignation following World Cup Kiss controversy

Following Rubiales’ resignation, reactions have poured in from all around the footballing world, and the incident has ignited condemnation not only in Spain but also globally.

One netizen wrote, “So Luis Rubiales says he’ll finally resign 3 weeks after the incident because “I spoke to my daughters”. Says he’s not only thinking of himself but “third parties”. He must have been told to clear off as they’re all worried about their bid to co-host the 2030 men’s World Cup.”

Another user was equally furious, “Luis Rubiales finally resigned. He left kicking and screaming after blaming the woman he assaulted even though the world saw it happen, after lashing out at players, after victim blaming, after doing all he could to fight consequences for his actions. Off you f*ck, Luis.”

Fans were disappointed that the former President didn’t forge an apology to Jenni Hermoso over his conduct.

Amid the ongoing controversy, the Spanish FA dismissed the World Cup-winning manager, Jorge Vilda, from his position with the Spanish women’s national team. He was accused of inappropriate physical contact with a female staff member during the Women’s World Cup Final.

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