Esports community calls Kai Cenat ‘worst gamer of all time’ after he lost $5,000 bet vs fan playing Madden NFL 24

Internet sensation Kai Cenat, renowned for his livestreams, gained immense popularity with the 30-day-long subathon, Mafiathon. Known for just chatting and real-life content, he also explores various games. Broadcasting on an Amazon-owned platform since 2021, he boasts over 8.7 million followers.

Madden NFL 24 is a recent focus on his channel, featuring cover athlete Josh Allen. The streamer’s dynamic content keeps fans engaged, expanding beyond gaming. Kai Cenat continues to leave a mark in the streaming world, blending gaming enthusiasm with diverse entertainment and making waves with each new venture.

Kai Cenat loses $5,000 bet playing Madden NFL 24

Twitch sensation Kai Cenat is making headlines after a high-stakes Madden NFL 24 bet went awry during a livestream on January 21, 2024. The Streamer of the Year challenged a viewer to a $5,000 wager, confident he could score at least one touchdown.

However, the unexpected happened as Cenat suffered a crushing defeat with a final score of 41-0.

The Twitch star’s gameplay misfortune quickly circulated on social media, gaining attention on Elon Musk’s platform, where user @scubaryan_ shared a clip of the unfortunate moment. Some fans lightheartedly suggested that the New Yorker should consider an early retirement from the gaming scene.

After winning the game, the viewer began to banter with Kai Cenat, saying:

“Thank you! Five bags, thank you! Thank you! Five bags, thank you! Give my money, n***a! Give my money.

The unexpected turn of events has sparked lively discussions among the Twitch community.

Eposts community roast Kai Cenat for losing $5K playing Madden NFL 24

The streamer’s clip has received a lot of impressions on X, with user @Pinoichi_ writing: “Kai is the worst gamer of all time (Loudly crying face emoji).” What the streamer expected to be a winning event for his stream turned out to be making him a laughing stock for netizens.

“He needs to stop putting bets on video games” – Fans react as Kai Cenat loses thousands of dollars after wagering against viewers. He has had similar instances before as well, wherein he tried to win over the bets but got his tables turned.

One netizen remarked that Cenat was losing gaming wagers “on purpose”:

While some other reactions to his gameplay included “Trash ass ni**a”.

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