Popular Kick streamer xQc accuses DoorDash driver of stealing his food while playing GTA RP: “I think he yoinked it”

Popular internet personality xQc, renowned for Just Chatting and gaming livestreams, made headlines last year with a jaw-dropping $100 million deal with Kick. However, his recent foray into a yakuza community game sparked trolling, stirring yet another controversy.

The online community is buzzing with discussions as xQc finds himself at the center of attention once again. Apparently, his ordered food got stolen by the deliveryman.

xQc accuses DoorDash driver of food theft

Popular Twitch and Kick star Felix “xQc” caused a stir during a recent livestream while playing GTA 5 RP on the NoPixel 4.0 server. Mid-game, xQc’s attention shifted to his phone, discovering a declined payment for his DoorDash order.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the situation, the French-Canadian personality exclaimed:

“Payment method declined? What the f**k is going on?! I can’t do it anymore, chat! I can’t live like this anymore! It’s been two weeks of getting my account – oh, my god. Oh, my god!”

A few moments later, xQc claimed that a DoorDash driver “got mad” and accused them of stealing his food.

Live on stream, he accused the DoorDash driver of pilfering his food, exclaiming, “It’s not here. I think the driver got mad because it’s not here. I think he yoinked it! What the fudge!” Viewers watched as the streamer delved into the situation, expressing frustration and disbelief.

The episode serves as another example of the unpredictable and entertaining moments that unfold during xQc’s livestreams, keeping fans engaged and eager for more unexpected twists.

The incident quickly gained traction online, with fans and onlookers sharing their reactions.

Fans are divided over xQc’s DoorDash drive food stealing incident

Controversy surrounds popular streamer xQc as his official clips channel on YouTube shares a video alleging a DoorDash driver stole his food. The streamer, known for his outspoken nature, claimed the incident occurred, prompting mixed reactions.

xQc’s official clips channel on YouTube posted the streamer’s video, in which he claimed that a DoorDash driver stole his food. While referring to the 28-year-old as a “trillionaire,” user @pafoly8857 commented:

A netizen expressed indifference, stating they’d “never feel bad for anyone’s DoorDash troubles.”

On the other hand, a community member defended xQc, arguing he should have received the food he paid for:

The incident has sparked discussions about the challenges of food delivery services and public perceptions of streamers. xQc’s fans await further updates on the situation, while others ponder the broader issues raised by the incident.


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