Gervonta Davis’ trainer claims “I don’t think Devin Haney has got anything that could really stop Tank”

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis stamped his authority in the boxing lightweight division with a convincing victory over Ryan Garcia this past week. Following the victory, an obvious mega-fight with current lightweight king Devin Haney was anticipated.

In a recent statement Davis’s trainer Calvin Ford has arrogantly dismissed Haney as a potential threat for ‘Tank’ and hopes that he first defeats Lomachenko in his next bout. Ford says “In my book, I don’t think Haney has got anything that could really stop Tank, you know, he hasn’t shown me anything where I’d go, ‘Woooo!’ You understand what I’m saying?” Ford continued,

“I’m hoping that he beats Lomachenko. I would love for him to beat Lomachenko. But I know if Lomachenko has the belts, it’s bigger. He’s bringing a country [Ukraine] with him. The reality is that [Davis-Lomachenko] fight was supposed to be, in my book, a Godzilla fight. Because he’s got good numbers here and he’s got great numbers abroad. … We just have to wait and see how it unfolds with them guys [Haney and Lomachenko], wait till we get that guy that’s touted as that guy, where the fans say, ‘We wanna see that fight.’ ”

Gervonta Davis vs Davis Haney match-up

Devin Haney vs Gervonta Davis for the undisputed lightweight champion, is an highly intriguing matchup on paper, but it’s unlikely to materialize as Haney might move on from the lightweight division. Most probably Haney likely won’t fight again at 135 pounds as he faced major weight-cut issues while getting on scale for his fight against George Kambosos Jr last October. The 24 years old will likely make his final appearance at 135lbs before moving up to 140lbs in his title defense against Vasily Lomachenko on May 20th.

Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney
Devin Haney (L) and Jorge Linares battle during their WBC lightweight title fight at Michelob ULTRA Arena on May 29, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Haney won by unanimous decision. (Credits: Getty Images)

The two Americans are among the top lightweight competitors in terms of talent. Haney on various occasions has been regarded as the best in the division. If the dream match-up between Davis and Haney ever takes place, it will certainly settle the debate as to who is the best lightweight boxer in the world.

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