“He plays perfect in the bedroom” Jeffree Star reveals “NFL boo” to be ex-Titans OL Taylor Lewan implying strict business relationship before Super Bowl LVII

Jeffree Star, the cosmetic mogul, has been making headlines lately with his teasers about a potential romantic relationship with a professional football player. Jeffree has been causing a stir among fans, as well as NFL wives and girlfriends, since the end of the football season, suggesting that he was involved with someone from the NFL.

However, it all turned out to be just a marketing ploy for his latest project.

On Friday, Jeffree finally revealed who his “NFL Boo” was, and it was none other than a veteran offensive lineman, Taylor Lewan. Jeffree made the big reveal two days before the Super Bowl, and he joined Taylor on his podcast, “Bussin With The Boys,” which is hosted by the Tennessee Titans star and former NFL player, Will Compton.

The mystery of Jeffree’s NFL relationship started in late January when he began posting cryptic hints on social media. He first posted a picture of himself holding someone’s hand on a private jet, along with the caption, “off to Wyoming with my “#NFL boo.”

This caused a lot of speculation, but the mystery only deepened a few days later when Jeffree posted another picture concealing the man’s identity, accompanied by the caption, “His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl but he’s 6’6 and plays perfect in the bedroom❤️.”

The speculation over who Jeffree was referring to was at an all-time high in the past few weeks, but now the mystery has finally been solved. Jeffree’s “NFL Boo” is none other than Taylor Lewan, and it seems that the two have joined forces for a podcast. Despite the initial excitement from fans who thought Jeffree was dating an NFL player, it appears that this relationship is purely business.

In conclusion, Jeffree Star’s latest marketing stunt was a huge success, as he managed to grab the attention of fans and the media with his cryptic hints about a romantic relationship with an NFL player. Despite the disappointment of those who thought the relationship was real, Jeffree and Taylor’s podcast is sure to be a hit, and fans can expect to see more of the two in the future.



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