Indian actress Karishma Sharma opens up on Andrew Tate’s claims of hooking up

Karishma Sharma, an Indian actor, has responded to a picture of her with kickboxer-turned-internet-celebrity Andrew Tate, which has gone viral as a result of Tate’s arrest. This is yet another shot fired at kickboxer-turned-internet-celebrity Andrew Tate, who has been facing multiple allegations recently.

The internet is going crazy over an old photo of Karishma and Tate that has recently resurfaced online. Karishma says that the picture that appeared on one of Tate’s social media accounts claiming that they hooked up is a lie and she is relieved that Tate got arrested.

“He is lying. We never hooked up. I just wanted to come out and share my side, so that people know that he is a scumbag spreading lies and just wants attention. I was really happy when he was arrested.” says Sharma.

Sharma elucidated the time frame in which they first met as well as the context of their photo together. The 29-year-old actress stated that they met in 2014 in Mumbai, in a hotel, and only had a casual conversation. They only took a few pictures at the party, and one of them is now circulating on the internet.

“When you are from Mumbai, you meet a lot of people as you often go to parties. I happened to meet him at a party at a hotel in Mumbai. When you see a good-looking person, you talk to that person, and I got along with him. We had a normal conversation. He told me he has an Indian mother, and we had a few shots,” Sharma shared. 

The king of toxic masculinity did not act inappropriately at the party, but Sharma alleges that Top G began texting her on Instagram after knowing that she was an actress based in Mumbai. The texts made the ‘Super 30’ star uncomfortable, and she ultimately decided to block Tate.

 “That’s all that happened. (Next) His texts on Instagram were very weird and inappropriate. So I disconnected with him and blocked him once I realized he is a creep and he constantly disses women and I didn’t like the way he spoke about them,” Sharma further added.

The Indian model went on to say that she wouldn’t lie if they had a hookup in the past, but since that never happened, she has nothing to admit and instead feels like all the rumors have made her life a misery.

“It’s not a thing of shame if you ever hooked up with someone. I would be more than okay to (admit). After 6 years, out of nowhere, he posted this. It gave me a lot of anxiety as this (whatever Tate claims) never happened. I don’t know why people are looking at me with that eye of judgment. I have so many messages just saying ‘Oh Andrew Tate’, and I have nothing to do with this guy.” said Karishma.

Karishma later stated that all Andrew Tate wanted was her attention, which she did not provide. She does concede, however, that Tate has made her life so unbearable that she frequently breaks down in tears.

“He wanted me to retaliate. But I’m not in a state to. I have been dealing with anxiety lately. I don’t like to get myself into controversies. He is brainwashing younger men to dislike women. It is bothering me and there are days when I am in tears. I had to talk about it. People say it is okay, but it is not. Once you let it out, you know that you have done your job, then you can take a step back,” Sharma concludes

Tate, his brother, and two other Romanian nationals are still being held by police for the aforementioned offenses, and it is expected that they will be detained for thirty days.


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