“It wasn’t anything surprising” UFC welterweight Matt Brown weighs in on Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury bout after Youtuber-turned-boxer’s defeat

Jake Paul really took the combat sports world by storm and continued his undefeated reign for a few years. But the defeat against Tommy Fury will come as a relief for many. UFC welterweight fighter Matt Brown has decided to weigh in on the matter, and he is not really surprised with the outcome.

The 170 lber had sent warning towards Jake when the former vine star signed a deal with PFL. It looks like Matt never really considered Paul to be a legit fighter and expected him to lose should he ever face a legit fighter. This loss also sheds light on Paul’s future in MMA.

“I didn’t get to watch the fight but I did see the result. It wasn’t anything surprising. I think I called it was going to be a close decision. I leaned towards Jake Paul. People were just talking mad s*** about my call cause I said Jake Paul at least he’d fought some world class athletes. Everybody’s talking mad s*** like I was wrong. I’m like no, that’s still the truth.”

He further added, “I would never say that someone can’t do something they say they’re going to do. You never really know but what he’s shooting for is something astronomically distant. It’s one of the most difficult things you could possibly ask for a human to do. He’d have about as good of a chance of making it to the NFL as you would being a world champion in boxing. The odds are just astronomically against him.”

Is Matt brown right about Jake Paul?

While ‘The Problem Child’ started training at a later age, he is not the only one to make such a transition. Alexander Volkanovski was also a Rugby player but made a successful transition to UFC. So Matt is partially right about his claims, but at the end of the day, anyone who puts in the hard work can expect some results.

Who do you think Jake fights next?


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