“I’ve seen men fight the guards for pure fun” Andrew Tate reveals horrific prison conditions following detention by Romanian authorities over trafficking charges

Andrew Tate, who has been detained in a Romanian prison for the past two months, has revealed some disturbing information about the conditions that inmates are forced to endure, referring to the facility as “animal house.”

The ex-kickboxer was arrested from Romania on December 29 on multiple charges including money laundering, rape, human trafficking, and organized crime. The Romanian government is set to keep Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate in detention until February 27 as part of their numerous ongoing investigations.

Earlier the social media sensation and avowed misogynist Tate appealed his sentence to a court in Bucharest, Romania, but the jury ruled against him. The spokesperson for the Romanian anti-organized crime group DIICOT said that Tate’s imprisonment is going to be extended and that he will be spending another thirty days in jail.

But, despite being locked up, Top G never stopped providing his fans with updates from behind bars and educating them on the realities of life in a detention center. Tate recently shared how his life is going in the prison and shared details regarding the miserable atmosphere in the prison. 

“In jail, where distractions are so limited, emotions become the entertainment of choice for most. Inmates enjoy feeling anger. I’ve seen men fight the guards for pure fun. Men argue in blistering anger over the pronunciation of a name. It is an animal house.” Tate revealed.

This is not the first time in the past two months that Tate has divulged aspects of life in prison. Previously, the 36-year-old British media celebrity said that cockroaches and lice were the ones to keep him company while he was locked up at midnight.

Despite the many allegations leveled against Tate, many of his supporters continue to believe he is innocent. Lately, Tate’s management stated that they have been keeping an eye on public opinion, so there may be good news on the horizon for those who have always maintained their faith in Tate’s innocence.

Tate tweeted a week ago that he has been tracking everyone who has supported him during his incarceration as well as those who are afraid to stand up for him like a coward despite his innocence.

Tate filed a defamation lawsuit yesterday against one of the ladies who brought baseless accusations against him. Just recently, the lawyer for the American woman said that her client had received a “cease and desist” letter from the Tate brothers; however, the authorities have not yet decided what to do with the letter.


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