Jake Paul claims KSI’s strategy to spar with IShowSpeed flopped: “He’ll do everything except fight me”

Jake Paul is upset with KSI because KSI has scheduled his upcoming sparring session with IShowSpeed on the same day as Paul’s matchup with Andre August, potentially intensifying the rivalry for attention between the two.

“The Nightmare” recently announced that he will participate in a live-streamed YouTube sparring session with another influencer on December 15 in London. The fight is set to begin at 11 p.m. ET, coinciding with Paul’s expected entry into the ring for his upcoming boxing match against August in Orlando, Florida.

Jake Paul claims KSI’s strategy to spar with IShowSpeed backfired

The YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul took issue with KSI for arranging a sparring session with online streamer IShowSpeed. That same day, Paul was scheduled to fight Andre August in an Orlando cruiserweight boxing match. The 26-year-old claimed that KSI’s attempts to spar backfired because it increased discussion about his battle.

A proposed cruiserweight boxing match between KSI and Jake Paul is currently scheduled to take place at London’s Wembley Stadium. However, Jake Paul is prepared to battle KSI despite the internet celebrity’s hesitation for reasons that are only known to himself.

Jake Paul discussed how KSI has added more discussions to their feud after agreeing to spar with IShowSpeed, as seen in a widely shared video on X. Paul mentioned that he feels he’s living in KSI’s head for free, especially after the internet star announced a boxing match on the same day as another event.

Jake Paul’s opponent Andre August reacts to KSI vs IShowSpeed

Jake Paul’s next opponent, Andre August, brushes off any interest in or worries about KSI’s practice session with IShowSpeed. August demonstrates unfamiliarity with the YouTuber by expressing disinterest, stating that he doesn’t care about KSI and doesn’t know who he is.

He exhibits a lack of concern for the circumstances, confidently asserting that KSI is free to proceed with his sparring match however he pleases. In an unexpected turn of events, August declares that he is up for the challenge if KSI decides to face him again in the future.

This response demonstrates August’s confidence and eagerness for future opportunities in the boxing world. It also highlights his nonchalant attitude toward KSI’s activities and his readiness to take on any potential opponent, including someone as well-known as KSI.


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