Jake Paul confesses Floyd Mayweather altercation was PR stunt: “We got what we wanted out of it”

There has been speculation over whether the altercation between Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul was only a prank or if it was truly serious. Jake has stated lately that the incident was premeditated and was nothing more than a carefully orchestrated confrontation.

Paul and Floyd attended a basketball game between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers at the FTX Arena in Miami, Florida, back in March. The two boxers were seen chatting after the game. At one point, they got into a verbal argument during their encounter, which resulted in Paul fleeing Floyd’s gang, according to a viral video clip.

What is the latest statement from Jake Paul on his altercation with Floyd Mayweather?

There are numerous ways to interpret what transpired on March 9 during the confrontation between Pretty Boy and The Problems Child. Numerous people even thought that the boxers will soon square off in the ring. But, the younger Paul brother recently addressed the matter while appearing in The W. A. D. E Concept podcast. 

“Yeah, it was [a PR stunt]. I still have like three or four things to unload on. 25 dudes. Yeah, [it was set up]. [Floyd and I] were like let’s set this up and make this go viral and viral it did.” said Jake. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer is an expert at pulling gags. The internet phenomenon became famous for making these kinds of prank videos, but since this one contained “Money,” it’s impossible to avoid the notion that Paul successfully duped everyone once more.

“It went on like every single news page and outlet. We got exactly what we wanted out of it. We need people to think it was real. This was us at dinner [shows picture on phone].” Paul added. 

Do you think Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul will still engage in an official fight now that it has been made clear that their brawl was merely a staged act? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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