Jake Paul, Tommy Fury reportedly to face jail time after breaking Saudi Law at face-to-face press conference

The boxing world has been long anticipating the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury match which is set to take place soon. As is boxing tradition, both fighters faced off against each other and got into a verbal altercation. Now the two upcoming boxers may be facing severe consequences owing to some of their actions.

The build-up to this fight has been rather heated as both fighters have gone after each other on numerous occasions. They both put so much on the line that at one point jake proposed the fight should be an ‘All or Nothing’ match. John Fury, who is considered a representative of Tommy, agreed to the terms.

Paul was the one who brought the terms up saying, “I think we make a deal. I will pay you double what I am paying you [if Fury wins]. But if I win I take everything I am paying you.”

To which John replied, “You’ve got a deal. All or nothing, you’ve got it.”

The major issue at play here is the strict Saudi law. Per the rules, gambling is prohibited and punishable by law. The way the two parties negotiated their bet in front of the public, only makes it worse. The fight will probably not be stopped from happening as such an act would damage Saudi reputation greatly, but what happens next is unknown at the moment.

Will there be any consequences after Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

A Saudi law expert commented on the matter, “Essentially, yes it is illegal, but what does it matter? In other words, premarital cohabitation is banned in Saudi Arabia, and I think that’s your comparison. If you and I made a bet with each other in Saudi Arabia, unless we made it public, or somebody is aware of it who makes it public, then nobody knows.”

“To be fair, that is the case in the West too. You can break the law in the West and that would not be known unless somebody credible makes it known,” he added. Christiano Ronaldo is currently staying in the middle-eastern country along with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez which is also illegal.

Unfortunately, the current Saudi Authority seems to be only straying further from its morals.


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