Jets QB Aaron Rodgers faces brutal backlash over his controversial statements at psychedelics conference

Aaron Rodgers recently joined in the long-heated debate about psychedelics. Unexpectedly he emphasized the legalization of such substances. His views have not been well-received by fans. According to federal laws, Psychedelics are still illegal and the quarterback emphasizing its legalization was a shock for many.

This disconnect has fueled a heated debate surrounding the topic, with Rodgers finding himself at the center of the storm. It’s not common for athletes to come out and voice their opinions regarding such controversial matters which probably makes the whole thing worse.

Aaron Rodgers brutally cooked by NFL fans for supporting the legalization of psychedelic

Aaron Rodgers

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers did indeed speak on Wednesday at a psychedelics conference in Denver. While doing so, he made a pitch for such substances to be legalized. Psychedelics are illegal at the federal level, though acceptance and interest in studying their potential benefits have unfortunately grown.

One disgruntled fan took to Twitter to express their disapproval, stating, “Psychedelics should be legalized for a variety of compelling medical reasons, but Aaron ‘Uncomfortable Thanksgivings’ Rodgers’ justifications are simply nonsense.” 

Another fan tweeted, “Aaron Rodgers sounds like a dude who comes out of prison enlightened with all the worlds secrets”

Aaron Rodgers advocates for the legalization of psychedelics

At the conference, organized by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, Rodgers talked about this matter. During his appearance, he engaged in a dialogue with podcaster Aubrey Marcus,

“Is it not ironic that the things that actually expand your mind are illegal and the things that keep you in the lower chakras and dumb you down have been legal for centuries?”

“The response from individuals within the sports industry has been remarkable. It’s been incredible to witness basketball players, baseball players, surfers, entertainers, as well as my teammates and colleagues across the league, share their own stories about their medicinal journeys or express interest in participating in future ones,” Rodgers revealed.

Aaron Rodgers

He also defended his views by challenging those who criticized him without firsthand experience, stating, “The people online who attack me and dismiss my experiences—they’ve never tried it. They’re the ones who could benefit the most. We need to encourage them to explore this.”

Furthermore, the quarterback highlighted his exceptional performance on the football field following his ayahuasca experiences, boasting impressive statistics and an MVP title. He suggested that these achievements should not be disregarded when evaluating his perspective on psychedelics.

High-profile celebrities tend to sometimes preach their weird ideas to people which creates unnecessary confusion and conflict. Athletes like Rodgers should be careful about what he says when talking from a platform of influence.

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