Julian Edelman teams up with Robert Kraft to criticize ‘The Dynasty’ for negative portrayal of Bill Belichick

‘The Dynasty,’ a 10-part docuseries focusing on the New England Patriots’ twenty-year journey, was released recently and met with heavy criticism because of the extremely negative portrayal of the former HC Bill Belichick. 

The Patriots and Bill Belichick fans were not the only ones disappointed at ‘The Dynasty,’ but former WR Julian Edelman and Robert Kraft also teamed up to talk against this docuseries.  

Julian Edelman upset with ‘The Dynasty’ for Bill Belichick’s negative portrayal

The release of “The Dynasty” met with heavy criticism because of the less focus on the team’s development and more on negatively portraying Bill Belichick.

Many former NFL players also criticized ‘The Dynasty’ for how it turned out and Julian Edelman was also one of them. He even pointed out a person he believes is responsible for this negative portrayal of the Patriots’ former coach.

The Dynasty
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The former WR called out Wes Welker on his podcast and claimed that Welker’s personal bias against Belichick played a role in that portrayal. He claimed that Welker fabricated stories about Belichick, such as suggesting Aaron Hernandez got away with murder figuratively during practices.

“Welker’s out here saying like Aaron Hernandez got away with murder — figurately speaking — at practice, that’s not even true.”

The former WR accused Welker of painting Belichick as a king figure who could do anything.

“Welker painted the picture he was like the king, like he got to do anything. I remember Bill (expletive) Aaron all the time. Come on, Welk. Trying to make up stories. We know you don’t like Bill.”

Edelman, who once claimed that Tom Brady made him feel sh**ty challenged Welker’s credibility by highlighting instances where Belichick disciplined players contrary to Welker’s narrative.

Julian Edelman believes that Wes Welker deliberately painted a negative picture of Bill Belichick only because he doesn’t like him. While Robert Kraft didn’t point out anyone, he also shared the same opinion about “The Dynasty.”

Robert Kraft criticizes ‘The Dynasty’ for focusing on negativity

Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, was also credited for this newly released docuseries, ‘The Dynasty.’ The name “Kraft Dynasty LLC” appears at the end of the credits of each episode too. However, Kraft is also not happy about how this docuseries has turned out.

The Dynasty
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His opinions about ‘The Dynasty’ are the same as those of Julian Edelman and other Bill Belichick fans. He recently talked about it and said that he felt bad because of the heavy focus on the negative aspects. 

“Well, I loved the first three episodes. I really liked [them],” Kraft said. “I felt bad that there was so much emphasis on the more controversial and, let’s say ‘challenging’ situations over the last 20 years. I wish they had focused more on our Super Bowl wins, our 21-game win streak.”

Robert Kraft, who gave a weird dating advice to Taylor Swift is right that ‘The Dynasty’ missed important incidents like Super Bowls and focused on controversies. While the team was winning Super Bowls, the series showed in the episodes how Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were having a hard time, and their relationship was deteriorating. 

Even though Bill Belichick is no longer the head coach of the Patriots, he has been a huge part of it. Belichick helped the team achieve its peak of success. In recent years, the team’s performance declined, and Belichick was replaced but that doesn’t mean that his legacy as the best coach will be removed. 

The true supporters of Bill Belichick have already come forward to criticize ‘The Dynasty’ for its negative portrayal of the head coach and defend him.

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