Robert Kraft’s dating suggestion to Taylor Swift can upset Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift has become a huge part of the NFL lately. Despite facing criticism and an unwelcoming attitude from some, the Karma singer stayed with her boyfriend Travis Kelce throughout the season. Even the Patriots owner Robert Kraft was recently spotted talking about Taylor Swift. 

When discussing the pop singer’s popularity and success, Kraft surprisingly advised Taylor to date another tight end.

Robert Kraft’s dating advice to Taylor Swift

Robert Kraft suggested that Taylor Swift, who is dating the Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, should date another talented tight end in the league. 

For Kraft, the best choice for the Karma singer is Rob Gronkowski and the reason he suggested this is because he believes Gronk has better looks.

“He’s better looking,” Robert Kraft said of his former superstar pass-catcher.

It didn’t come as a surprise to many as Kelce and Gronkowski have long been compared together in the race of the best TEs in the NFL.

Considering the stats, Kelce had better performances, receptions, and Pro Bowl selections. However, Gronk is ahead in Super Bowl titles and receiving touchdowns. While Travis Kelce is still part of the NFL world and recently won the Super Bowl championship, Gronk retired from the league in 2022.

Despite Robert Kraft’s suggestion, there is no chance Taylor will act accordingly. Gronk is already dating and Taylor’s relationship with Travis has also seen more serious development.

Travis Kelce recently went to Sydney to attend Taylor’s concert and spend two days with her. Now, he is again in Las Vegas still celebrating their Super Bowl victory. 

Robert Kraft’s thought-provoking gift to Taylor Swift

Robert Kraft not only shared this astounding advice for Taylor Swift but also revealed that he had given an exceptional gift to the Karma singer. Gillette Stadium is very special for Taylor Swift as it was her first concert in which she sold out the stadium. After dating Travis Kelce, she returned to Foxborough for the Patriots-Chiefs game in December. 

Robert Kraft shared that on that day he gifted her a ticket for her own sold-out show in this stadium. The Patriots owner saved a ticket from Swift’s 2010 “Fearless” tour at Gillette, framed it, and gifted it to her over 13 years later.

Robert Kraft
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“Her first stadium concert was on my birthday, in 2010, June 5. We convinced her and her family that she could sell out a stadium,” Robert Kraft said. “Think about it, she was 18 or 19, and she’s done pretty well since then.”

Taylor Swift has actually come a long way. Recently she performed in the biggest crowd a female singer ever had, surpassing the record of Lady Gaga.

The Karma singer has also won 13 Grammy awards and sold-out multiple shows in her Eras Tour. Currently, she is in Sydney, and after two more shows, she will leave for Singapore to continue her tour there.

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