Kyle Rudolph describes memorable experience with Tom Brady, praising NFL legend’s humility

Kyle Rudolph is a former NFL Tight End who last played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before retiring this week and is ready to extend his legacy in a media career. 

Rudolph played for 12 seasons in the NFL and during his impressive career, the TE earned 2x Pro Bowler nominations in 2012 and 2017. Having shared the locker room with NFL GOAT Tom Brady, it is no surprise that Rudolph holds the California Cool with just as admiration as any of his fans.

Former NFL TE Kyle Rudolph recalls memorable Tom Brady experience

In a recent conversation with Peter King, Kyle Rudolph didn’t shy away from sharing the story of his rather wholesome encounter with Tom Brady during their time together with the Bucs. The former TE expressed his admiration for Brady’s humility and related how much Tom Bardy valued his fans.

Rudolph mentioned that Brady had an empty locker next to his in which many people would store accessories such as footballs, helmets, jerseys, and pictures on which Tom would later sign. 

“He’d sit there and sign everything,” Rudolph said.

According to him, not only did Brady never complain about this practice, but he would sit every day, and sign everything left for him.

Furthermore, the 2x Pro Bowler also admired the respect the 7-time Super Bowl champion had for his organization. 

“My experience with Tom was incredible. The way he treated people. The way he treated the Glazer family is exactly the way he treated the janitor at 6:30 at night when he and maybe one or two other guys were the last players in the building,”, Rudolph said.

Bucs Former Tight End also revisited the highs and lows Tom Brady had to experience, both in his career and personal life. 

Kyle Rudolph revisits Tom Brady’s difficult last season with Gisele Bundchen’s Divorce 

In his interview with Peter King, Rudolph shared his insight on Tom Brady’s then-ongoing struggle with his personal life. 

“If anyone ever had the right to be an a**hole, it would be Tom but he never was.”, Rudolph stated. 

The 2022 season saw Brady experience adversity on and off the field. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggled to an NFC division title only to be routed by the Dallas Cowboys on the opening weekend of the NFL postseason.

Brady also went through a highly publicized separation from supermodel Gisele Bundchen but, according to Rudolph, this never seemed to affect Brady. He further went on to appreciate the unflappable character that Tom Brady maintained throughout that tough time. 

“The most amazing thing to me was, with all the negativity swirling around his life outside of football, he never carried it into the building. Always positive.”, he said. “I didn’t think it’d be possible when I walked into the team to be more impressed with Tom. But I was.”

Tom Brady
Quarterback Tom Brady @googlepics

Tom Brady retired for good, well in his 40s after playing for 23 Golden seasons in the league, with 7 Super Bowl titles and 15 Pro Bowls alongside 251 wins. 

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