Kylian Mbappe unable to hide his stony expression after Emi Martínez wins FIFA Best Men’s Goalkeeper award

Kylian Mbappe pulled off an aggravating expression when Emiliano Martinez was named the FIFA best Goalkeeper of the year following the breakthrough season he had with the National team.

There has been a long-lasting conflict between the French superstar and the Argentine goalie after Martinez mocked the Golden Boot winner during their trophy parade at the Buenos Aires.

Mbappe clearly didn’t enjoy the mockery as well as the scene with Martinez picking up the trophy in front of him after such a heinous display earlier, the irritation was visible on the Frenchman’s face as the camera focused on him during the Aston Villa goalkeeper was given his speech.

Martinez won the trophy after leaving Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois and Morocco’s Yassine Bounou and claimed the trophy for the first time in his career which is a tremendous achievement.

Emi Martinez with his most desired award. Source: Twitter

The Argentine goalkeeper didn’t look straight at Kylian Mbappe as there was a lot of fire and a stone-cold expression waiting for him and the Golden Gloves winner didn’t want to spark another shithousery during the event.

However, after the World Cup, Martinez spoke to the L’Equipe last month and tried to calm the situation and claiming that he has no intention to mock one of the best players of this generation.

“I held it for like two minutes and I threw it away, that’s all. How can I make fun of Mbappe? He scored four past me. Four goals in a final! He must think I am his toy baby! I have huge respect for Mbappe.”- Martinez told L’Equipe.

Martinez also confirmed that he praised Mbappe to his face after the World Cup final and said, “I told him he should be proud of himself and keep his head high, because he played a fantastic game and that he was one of the best players in the world.”

As it appeared, Mbappe still didn’t forgive the Argentine showstopper as his expression at the function told everything. It will be really interesting to witness how the two react to each other when they meet again, but it won’t be a happy reunion as we can assume.


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