“League needs good quarterbacks and he’s one of the greats” Tom Brady hopes Aaron Rodgers will not hang up his boots amid retirement rumors

Being retired is a usual phase of everyone’s life. But the area like NFL is full of tales that are happening every day. This time didn’t happen unusually. Regarding Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, there is uproar throughout the internet.

Tom Brady is getting used to life in a retrial, but he doesn’t want any assistance from Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in that regard.

Rodgers has a number of alternatives right now, but it’s not certain that he will stay in Green Bay for the new event. He may first go back to the Packers and request another season of playing at Lambeau Field.

Second, he would end his profession as a Packer, which is uncommon these days for a player to accomplish.

Thirdly, he may assist in forcing a deal to another team, either the New York Jets or Las Vegas Raiders, who are both said to be keen.

Brady stated on his show, “You know what, I hope he doesn’t retire. “… I think the league needs good quarterbacks, and he’s one of the greats. So, if he retires, it’ll be a sad day for the league.”

Brady also added, “Certainly from the standpoint of him leaving the game the way that he’s playing, he broke his thumb this year and still played tremendously (ly) and you could see as he got healthy throughout the year how incredibly talented, he is. So I hope the good players keep playing. That’s what my hope is. That’s what I tried to do. And now you hope that the next generation does that and I hope they have the tools necessary to do that. I was very fortunate to work with a guy, Alex (Guerrero), who is my best friend, a brother to me, and taught me so much.”

Given that Rodgers was ill for the majority of the season, his achievements are really rather remarkable. With a fractured thumb and a youthful receiving group, he came very close to making the playoffs. If he had the sort of skill the Jets or Raiders had, just think what he might do.

After stepping away from the match for a while, Rodgers will make his choice public in the upcoming period, perhaps before the 2023 NFL.



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