LeGarrette Blount apologizes after video shows him fighting with adults at youth football game

The former NFL running back, LeGaratte Blount surfaced as a matter of talk in the league following his recent involvement in a fracas at a youth football match in Arizona. A vivid demonstration of Blount throwing punches to another adult after the match was secured through TMZ Sports on Monday.

As the argument between the two adult groups escalated, it took the shape of an intense brawl. Blount, who served as an NFL veteran for 9 seasons, was coaching the Gilbert Chandler Youth Football & Cheer Gators in Gilbert. As confirmed by the Gilbert Police Department, nobody got injured while the alteration took place and no arrest warrant was issued as of Tuesday.

Although the event video posted by TMZ “does not display” the extensive version. However, after that incident, Blount expressed sorry for his misconduct and bearing the accountability of his role in the fight while posting an apology on Twitter.

There exits numerous previous instances of Blount losing temper on filed. While being a college student at Oregon in 2009, the 3-time Super Bowl champion RB punched Boise Stout’s Byron Hout following a loss which threw Blount to bench for the rest of the season.

LeGarrette Blount was fortunate throughout his time in the NFL, as he rushed for 6,306 yards and 56 touchdowns on 4.2 yards per carrying. If only he could have a grip on his temper, he could have been even more prospering. Overreacting to trivial issues and starting fights with others contributed to making him notorious even during his brief career.


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