Liverpool’s Andy Robertson sparks massive brawl with Everton team after altercation with Jordan Pickford

Liverpool beat Everton on the most heated Merseyside Derby as Jurgen Klopp’s men finally broke the winning deadlock in 2023 but Andrew Roberston sparked a massive brawl.

It was Everton’s time to visit the nearest of the away stadiums and Liverpool was well prepared to serve them a loss after ever-reliant Mo. Salah and the new arrival Cody Gakpo settled the win for the All-Reds.

Liverpool knew they had to win in order to keep their hope alive for the qualification of the UEFA Champions League next season and the 19 times PL champions maintained the pace throughout the game.

However, an incident at the closing stage of the game saw Andy Robertson involved in a brawl with Everton teammates as part of time wasting.

Liverpool was leading 2-0 as the Scottish defender decided to kick the ball away during an Evertonian free kick spiced up things as Jordan Pickford ran the whole pitch to confront the left back while Robbo smiled at him wickedly.

The rivalry between the two clubs is one of the oldest and most intense in English football, dating back to the 19th century and there has been no love affair of football with each other between the clubs and their fans.

Fans were quick to react to the incident on the Twitter platform as some took a dig at the Liverpool starman while some defended him as they thought Everton got the taste of their own medicine.

One fan said: “Andy Robertson is such a sh*thouse.”

Another tweeted: “Andy Robertson is the kind of player that you love if he’s yours, and you hate if he isn’t.”

A third fan added: “Andy Robertson managed to rattle the whole Everton team by laughing in Pickford’s face, what a sh*thouse.”

Andrew Robertson joined Liverpool back in July 2017 from Hull City and the fullback is known for his pace, energy, and attacking abilities from the left-back position, as well as his defensive contributions.


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