Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola wishes Lionel Messi success in MLS move: “He will do well”

Pep Guardiola the Spanish soccer manager is like a godfather to Lionel Messi. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner was his brightest student in Barcelona.

Messi and Pep are like father and son in soccer. Under him, Messi won the Champions League, La Liga and many major trophies. Lionel Messi the greatest and most complete player on earth always maintains a great relationship with his former coach.

Many believed that whatever Messi achieved today Pep Guardiola played a very crucial role in it. When Messi started his career Pep guide him always and support him in every situation.  

Pep Guardiola wishes Lionel Messi success

The Spanish boss’s all-time favourite player is Messi he is a big fan of him. Even when Messi won the World Cup last December in Qatar the Spanish boss didn’t forget to congratulate his old student.

Messi joined PSG in 2021 after leaving his childhood club Barcelona. In PSG he didn’t get near to his old form and always struggle to live a good life in the French capital.

However, in Paris Saint Germain Messi made 74 appearances throughout the two seasons. While he was only able to score 32 goals and provided 34 assists for the French champions. 

When he join PSG fans had a lot of expectations from him and they were dreaming to win the Champions League with the goat. Unfortunately, the reality is very sad for both Messi and PSG. 

Lionel Messi

He manages to win Ligue 1 in both seasons and some other trophies. The Argentine was never able to pass the round of 16 stages with PSG. For the first time, he fail shortly by losing against his old rival Real Madrid and the second time PSG lost out against FC Bayern Munich.

On both occasions, Messi failed to create any great chance for himself and his team. Finally, he left PSG this summer as his two years contract with PSG expires.

Before the season ended it is almost sure that the Argentine will leave Paris at the end of the summer. Many clubs like Al-Hila and other European clubs also showed their interest in signing the Argentine superstar.

Messi leaves PSG and join Inter Miami by fulfilling his wish to play the last stage of his career in MLS. Before facing a new challenge in a new league Messi’s old coach Pep didn’t forget to wish good luck to him.

Pep wish him good luck and said “he will do well” in America as well. He also stated that it is the best decision for him and he ignore the other rumour spread against his old student. Pep also added the money is quite good there.

How many games has Messi played under Guardiola? 

Messi spent his best time under the Spanish boss. Under Pep he played 219 matches and scored 211 goals and provide 94 assists. Pep and Messi together at Barcelona achieved many things and both of them still reside in the memory of Barca fans.

If is there something called golden days then Messi and Pep together at Barca were actually golden days. 

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