“Me vs Everybody let’s get to it”: Shakur Stevenson makes bold remarks on coaches and dads advocating on behalf of fighters

Shakur Stevenson was in attendance yesterday at the MGM Grand Garden to witness the undisputed title fight between Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko. It was an epic battle with both boxers showing their high-level fight IQ. But neither lightweight could finish their opponent and the fight went to the distance.

Interestingly, all three judges scored the contest in favor of Devin Haney and the American retained his undisputed titles in what was a highly controversial decision. Understandably, a lot of fans didn’t agree with the scoring as they believed Loma was more dominant. After the announcement of the winner and the post-fight interviews, Stevenson made his way to the ring and called out Haney.

The former champion was expecting to have a face-off with undisputed champion Devin Haney as there have been talks for a fight between the two lightweights. However, Haney left the ring and didn’t entertain his rival’s intentions. Shakur was surprised to see such a maneuver and after the conclusion of the PPV, he expressed his disappointment on social media.

Shakur Stevenson rants about coaches and fathers representing fighters

Shakur was very active on social media after the Devin Haney vs Vasyl Lomachenko fight. The former two-division champion was vocal about the fact that he is ready to fight anyone. Be it Devin Haney or Vasyl Lomachenko, Shakur is ready to step up to the challenge.

However, Stevenson is also unhappy about a lot of things that are taking place in boxing right now. A few hours ago, the American boxer expressed his anger on Twitter about how coaches and parents who represent the fighters control the narrative and speak trash.

Shakur’s tweet might have been targeted toward Bill Haney as he is Devin’s father and trainer. Besides, Bill Haney made allegations recently that Shakur Stevenson’s call out to his son was nothing but a publicity stunt. This statement could be the reason behind Shakur’s resentment towards Devin’s father.

Shakur Stevenson believes that Vasyl Lomachenko should have won!

As soon as Devin Haney was announced as the winner, there was a big outrage among fans on social media. Many fighters and experts had Vasyl Lomachenko winning the bout on their cards. And it was no different in the mind of Shakur Stevenson. The former two-weight class champion said in the ring interview that Loma should be the new undisputed champion.

The American boxer also took a dig at Devin Haney in a backstage interview and explained why he felt the Ukrainian boxer should have won the fight. “Lomachenko won it. I had it like 8-4 Lomachenko. I thought it was a robbery.”

Looking at Devin Haney and his father’s comments during the post-fight press conference, it seems that Loma will not get a rematch. This means that we might see Devin Haney either facing Shakur Stevenson next or a move to 140.


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