Megan Rapinoe’s USWNT once suffered humiliating loss to Dallas’ 15-year-old boys team

To the conservative American, the USWNT is more of a radical trans-woman inclusion activist group than a soccer team. President Donald J. Trump believes the United States Women’s National Team players were openly hostile to America when they won the World Cup 2019. 

Their loss to Sweden on a 5-4 defeat on penalties on Sunday has presented an even better opportunity for conservative Americans to gloat. The USWNT crashed out of the women’s World Cup in the second round, following their earliest exit from a major tournament. 

Megan Rapinoe’s USWNT once suffered humiliating loss to 15-year-old boys

Megan Rapinoe’s USWNT once suffered an even more humiliating defeat when they played a friendly against the FC Dallas U-15 Academy in 2017. Just days before the World Cup, Megan Rapinoe, the team’s captain and a radical activist for including Transgender women in the USWNT, once told Time Magazine that she would ‘absolutely’ accept Trans women on the USWNT. 

A lot of conservative pundits and others who believe that Trans women should be kept out of the USWNT criticized this statement, but that would not stop Megan as she is resolute in her activism for Trans women as she continues to vehemently advocate for transgender inclusion on her team now that she is retiring. 

The friendly match against the 15-year-old Dallas boys ended in a defeat, a strong indication of gender imbalance as viewed by many conservative pundits. Clay Travis weighed in on Fox’s and said the following; 


“The reality is Megan Rapinoe is not going to defend her position,” Travis claimed, “because Megan Rapinoe was on a U.S. Women’s soccer team that played against 15-year-old boys — 15-year-old boys — in Dallas, Texas and got beat 5-2. That’s because even boys are better than U.S. Women.”

Megan Rapinoe facing brutal heat following missed penalty kick that led to USWNT’s elimination

Since defeating the Swedish National Team, the USWNT has gone from bad to worse. The US women’s soccer team’s World Cup has sparked a lot of polarized actions. Critics have cited the team and its captain, Megan Rapinoe, as ‘anti-American’ snarls. 

Donald J. Trump led the gloat in his words on social media, ‘The ‘shocking and totally unexpected’ loss by the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to Sweden is fully emblematic of what is happening to our once great Nation under Crooked Joe Biden,’ wrote Trump on social media.

“Many of our players were openly hostile to America – No other country behaved in such a manner, or even close.”

In Trump’s closing remark, he added, “Nice shot Megan, the USA is going to hell!” 

Other Twitter users commented, “The game was lost because Megan Rapinoe, the woke piece of trash, missed a penalty kick.”

Whether or not a Trans woman should be admitted into an all-women team is a political discourse and should be kept at a minimal level in a soccer team- this could be a big distraction leading to tragic defeats such as the one experienced by the USWNT and Megan Rapinoe on her last stint in soccer. What’s your take on Trump’s comments? Make sure to let us know in the comments section.



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