‘Messi’s like Federer’ Argentina Head Coach on the GOATs retirement thoughts

Lionel Messi, who is 35 and might be the best soccer player of all time, never seemed to get tired of playing, even though he announced his retirement in 2016 after losing back-to-back games against the same opponent in the Copa America championship.

The former Barcelona player is now drawing attention to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar later this year for achieving his dream trophy, but the Argentine coach Scaloni dropped some hints regarding Lionel Messi retirement.

Why is Lionel Messi retirement news roaming around the soccer arena?

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) recently confirmed that current manager Lionel Scaloni, 44, will be extended until the next World Cup in 2026; however, they are now solely focused on the upcoming tournament in Qatar, for which they have taken pretty convincing practice by dominating Honduras and Jamaica in friendlies.

Lionel Messi actually became the ‘Man of the Match’ for both of those games by scoring a few trademark goals and shutting down the critics who commented on his power and ability to score at international level.

As a result, the idea of ‘Lionel Messi retirement” may sound like a vague topic for his loyal fanbase across the world. However, his coach expressed some enigmatic comments regarding this issue by citing Roger Federer. Scaloni then said, “What happened when [Federer] retired? Everyone is emotional and everyone is thinking, he’s not here anymore, he’s not going to play anymore, How many of us would like to see Federer play tennis? It was wonderful to watch him play. And the same thing will happen with [Messi].”

Despite Scaloni’s insinuation, Lionel Messi himself denies any possibility of his retirement and also suggests everyone to wish him the very best of luck through which he could win the most coveted trophy of his life.


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