NBA analyst lauds LeBron James as better leader than Michael Jordan amid talks of selling Hornets

The GOAT debate continues between the superstars from two different eras of the NBA, Lebron James and Michael Jordan, and like everyone else, NBA analyst Colin Cowherd has his own verdict.

Michael finally retired from basketball in 2003 and began managing the front office as the Washington Wizard’s director of operations. Later, he bought a minor share in the Charlotte Hornets in 2006, and after four years, he became the owner of the franchise.

However, under ownership, the Hornets struggled devastatingly, and when he decided to give up the role, Colin delivered his say in the context.

What did Colin Cowherd say about Michael Jordan?

The Hornets only appeared twice in the postseason since the 60-year-old legend took over and displayed consistently failed performances from one season to the next. As this rate continued, the fans lost all hope and aspiration for the six-time NBA champion, and he decided to step down finally.

As Jordan‘s other mission failed, Cowherd criticized his leadership skills and said, “The best owners, the best coaches, and the best executives are about elevating others… Michael is great at elevating Michael.”

He also brought up Lakers star LeBron James in the context and added, “But LeBron… that’s where these two aren’t remotely close. Everybody that plays with him, everybody is better.”


It’s true that “Airness” did a poor job handling a franchise for so many years and still got nothing out of it. There is no debate regarding his performance as a player; winning two of three in the middle of a retirement drama is no piece of cake.

On the other hand, King James established himself as the best player for the last couple of decades and is still going strong at 38 years old. But managing people is an entirely different skill set compared to maneuvering over hardwood, and he has yet to take the test.

What’s your opinion on Michael Jordan and his leadership at the Hornets? Should he pursue another project after this? Leave your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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