NFL Combine Rumors: Caleb Williams refuses to undergo medical checks and share his data with other teams

Like many other quarterbacks aiming to pursue their NFL career, Caleb Williams, the talented USC QB is participating at this week’s NFL Scouting Combine. 

However, the Heisman Trophy winner, whose draft process was delayed earlier, will be participating on his own terms including opting out of one of the process’s most crucial aspects.

Caleb Williams declines his medical exams and data sharing among teams

Caleb Williams has declined to partake in medical examinations with all the NFL teams. Medical examinations are one of the most crucial aspects of the NFL Scouting Combine but it seems like the USC QB doesn’t care about it.

Caleb Williams is the first-ever combine invitee to decline medical exams who said that he “did not sign off on having his medical records shared with all 32 teams.”

He is adamant about not sharing his medical examination records with all 32 teams and emphasizes conducting it with only those teams he meets and interviews with.

The NFL Scouting Combine’s medical examination process has been criticized for years because of the time it takes and the way the same tests are conducted again and again was considered frustrating and useless. Maybe this is the reason USC QB is also not willing to undergo the same examinations.

In addition to declining the medical examination for all NFL teams, the Heisman Trophy winner will not throw this weekend. It also came as a shock considering showing one’s throwing skills is important for top QB prospects.

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However, he has already showcased his throwing ability throughout his career at USC, so it might not become a problem. Caleb Williams also doesn’t have an agent yet and doesn’t even plan to hire one before the draft process.

Considering he is one of the most talented QBs and is already expected to be the No.1 pick in the draft process, these factors might not influence his entry into the prestigious NFL world.

Soccer analyst urges Bears to draft Jayden Daniels over Caleb Williams 

With the 2024 NFL draft approaching in less than two months, the Bears face significant decisions regarding their quarterback position. The Bears must decide whether to stick with Justin Fields or draft a new quarterback with the No. 1 pick where Caleb Williams is one of the top quarterback prospects.

However, soccer analyst Dan Orlovsky suggested that the Bears should consider drafting Jayden Daniels from LSU instead of Caleb Williams.

“If I were the Chicago Bears right now I would take Jayden Daniels out of LSU,” former quarterback and ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky said. “That is not a knock on Caleb Williams that is a plus in Jayden Daniels.”

Caleb Williams
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Daniels, 23 years old, initially played three years at Arizona State before transferring to LSU for his final two seasons. He won the Heisman Trophy in the past season.

Orlovsky highlighted Daniels’ exceptional throwing ability and effectiveness against man coverage. He emphasized Daniels’ capability to make great downfield plays with his arm and his patience in the pocket, which Orlovsky believes surpasses other quarterbacks in the draft.

He concluded by stating his belief that Jayden Daniels is better than many perceive, including Caleb Williams. Now, the final decision will be made by the Bears whether they want to sign Williams or Daniels.

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