NFL legend Joe Klecko rejects idea of Aaron Rodgers joining Jets saying “I don’t think Rodgers fits in with the young guys”

In an interview with CBS Sports Radio’s “Zach Gelb Show” on Wednesday, recently elected Hall of Famer Joe Klecko reinforced his opinions on Aaron Rodgers, which he had previously shared with The Post’s Steve Serby.

Due to the Jets’ youth, Klecko doesn’t think Rodgers would fit in well. He also said that in Green Bay, when Rodgers “didn’t have the perfect arrangement,” his demeanor toward some of the supporting players changed.

“I see a guy like [Derek] Carr, who is an All-Pro,” Klecko told Gelb. “He hasn’t been an MVP, but he has had some great years. I just can’t see them going after a guy that has had all his years and had his way. And then, when it doesn’t turn out his way, he goes dark. I just can’t see it.”

Gelb pushed Klecko, asking whether he could envision Rodgers ruining the Jets’ locker room, and Klecko answered firmly, “Absolutely.”

After his entry into the Hall of Fame earlier this month, Klecko talked with Serby and warned that Rodgers may impact the Jets. The former defensive lineman brought up Rodgers’ “condescending attitude” once more, this time in regard to a situation where a receiver ran the wrong route and had to come back to the huddle to explain it to the three-time MVP quarterback.

Garrett Wilson, the wide receiver who earned the offensive rookie of the year award following a season in which he caught 83 passes for 1,103 yards and four touchdowns, was especially mentioned by Klecko in the interview with Gelb.

“I can’t see him coming back to the huddle and Rodgers lambasting [Wilson] for running the wrong route,” Klecko said. “It’s not gonna fit. I don’t see it.”

At this point in the offseason, Rodgers’ plans for the 2023 season are still uncertain. He recently returned from a retreat in the dark where, among other things, he thought about his future in the NFL. Green Bay might be revisited again. A trade to the Jets or another club is possible. A retirement ceremony may also occur for the 39-year-old to eventually join Klecko in the Hall of Fame.

If Rodgers and Green Bay decide to part ways, the Jets have emerged as a prospective trading partner, and according to The Post’s Brian Costello, New York has had preliminary talks with the Packers about a potential Rodgers trade.

Moreover, they welcomed Derek Carr, a former Raiders quarterback, for a “positive” visit as the free agency quarterback considers his options.

“I don’t think Rodgers is a fit with the young guys,” Klecko told Gelb on the radio segment. “I relate this to myself when we came up as a young team when we started winning. Why it was a good fit for all of us was because we all worked together and came up together.”

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