NFL players to use masks and follow new safety protocols from the coming season

As the Covid-19 situation is taking a heavy toll on human lives, and the pandemic is still raging in the U.S, the NFL authority is putting immense pressure to reduce the risk of infection on the field. They are trying to create safety guidelines and numerous health protocols for the players to follow strictly in the upcoming matches.

As proof of this concern, the NFL Players Association already did make a partnership with Oakley to create a mouth shield that would be attached with the helmet and prevent any kind of contagious droplet from getting spread.

The face shields have already been distributed among all the teams of the association, and the authority is waiting to get the feedback after they return for the new season this August. NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills showed up in a meeting and suggested another solution that has already been in use during the cold seasons. It’s a gaiter style neck-pull-up.

The authority assured that they are taking the safety issue very sensitively as they also have to maintain protection without interrupting the players’ performances. So it is expected to use the protection shields during the warm-ups and practice sessions also.

Not only the players but also the referees are supposed to wear gloves and full-face coverings to reduce the risk factors. But then comes the question of blowing a whistle with a covered face. So NFLRA is looking for an option to use electronic whistles for the referees.

The NFL authority also includes daily or near-daily testing protocols, meeting not more than one or two persons during the practice, etc., to prohibit infected people from getting closer to field and players. The regular season is expected to start from 10th September with the champion Kansas City and Houston, Texas.

Fans required to wear masks too

All fans attending the games this year will have to wear masks also as safety protocols. The authority will give special attention to this to lessen the risk for the players and game officials.

This season is going to look different, for sure!

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