NFL playoff record alert: QB Tom Brady to create history after Buccaneers win vs Cowboys

There is no surprise why fans love Tom Brady so much. The GOAT of the NFL never fails to amuse fans with incredible performances that allow him to break records consistently. Brady is like to break another one and create history.

TB12 this season has once again lived up to his expectations and helped his side go to the post-season as they will face the Cowboys in a thriller of a Wild Card game on Monday. In the preseason matches, the Legendary Brady, playing in his twenty-third season, has crossed 4,694 yards and scored 25 eye-catching touchdowns to go along with his nine interception throws. 

However, that’s not all; after catching the eyes of his fans in the preseason, Tom Brady will likely keep everyone glued to the screen as he is on the verge of breaking yet another record. This time he will compete with teams in a race for the most post-season victories.

What is the record, and where does Tom Brady stand?

Currently, the record for the most number of post-season victories stands with TB12’s former team, the New England Patriots, as they won thirty-seven post-season games. In those thirty-seven matches, thirty came due to the services of the legendary Brady. 

The Packers are in second place with thirty-six post-season wins to their name, and equal to the Cowboys Tom Brady firmly sits at third position with the thirty-five overall post-season games going down as victories.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady is on the verge of creating history with the most post-season victories.

If the Buccaneers win against the Cowboys, it will be number thirty-sixth for Brady, and he will be tied up with the Packers. Furthermore, by moving to the “Divisional Round” and winning that match, Tom will move to the first position along with the Patriots. He can also overtake the New England team and create history if the Buccaneers emerge as victors of the NFC Championship Game, giving TB12 thirty-eight post-season games.

On top of that, the Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl will not only make the Tampa Bay fans overwhelmed with joy but also make Brady an untouchable- “one-of-a-kind” NFL “GOAT” with thirty-nine post-season victories.

Undoubtedly, Tom Brady is already a “one-of-a-kind” legend of the game with records players do not even think of breaking. Breaking the record for most post-season victories will be a bonus for the “Undisputed Monarch of the NFL.” Can Brady do it? Stay tuned and find out. 



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