Seahawks vs 49ers: Poor weather forecasted in Santa Clara heavy rain might ruin NFL playoff game

The Seahawks vs 49ers match is going to be an incredible one if the game is played. Why wouldn’t it be played? You might ask. Well… for a game to be played, the weather needs to be accordingly perfect with no interruptions. 

However, this might not be the case when the NFL’s first Wild Card match will be played between the Seahawks and the 49ers. Fans of the Seahawks eagerly await the event as they want vengeance after losing both of their group-stage matches against the mighty team from San Fransico. On the contrary, the 49ers will look to crush the Seahawks and move forward in their goal to win the Super Bowl.

The weather might play “spoiled sport” on Saturday in Santa Clara and ruin fans’ hopes of watching an exciting game.

What is the weather forecast for the game- Seahawks vs 49ers?

The weather forecast says that it will most definitely rain on Saturday. The rain forecast for the 49ers’ home game against the Seahawks is not good. On Saturday, in Santa Clara, where Levi’s Stadium is located, there is a 100% probability of rain, according to Temperatures will range from a high of 58 degrees to a low of 49 degrees today.

If the game lasts three hours from kickoff to the final whistle, then the highest likelihood of rain is at 7 p.m. ET, when temperatures in Santa Clara will have dropped to around 56 degrees. After that, we can anticipate a deterioration in the weather, with the likelihood of rainfall rising to 79% and the temperature falling once more to 54%.

Seahawks vs 49ers
Seahawks vs 49ers weather forecast.

After heavy rainfall, it will be very difficult for the players to give their 100% on the field as they will have problems while running and the ball being wet will be hard to grip, creating massive issues while passing and receiving.

As fan Football fans we can all pray and hope for a sunny day. Will the rain ruin the match? We hope not. Stay tuned for more updates. 


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