Oleksandr Usyk’s wife takes dig at ‘greedy’ Tyson Fury with Chisora 4 poster following collapse in fight negotiations

One of the most anticipated and coveted boxing bouts in recent years has been called off. After reports of Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk verbally agreeing to fight, the bout now seems to have struck a dead end. At the end of the day, it turned into yet another ‘all bark no bite’ situation, as both camps kept pointing fingers at each other. Like the fans, Usyk’s wife seemed to have taken it hard, as she kept hurling insults at Fury.

The mental battle, leading up to the fight, had started even before the contracts were penned down. And Usyk’s wife Katerina Usyk has been an active force in that online feud. She has been very active on social media about his husband’s bout. This time, Katerina has posted two Instagram stories with insinuations after posting a spine-chilling story warning Fury, amidst speculations.

What did Katerina Usyk post?

From the very beginning of the contract conversations, Katerina seemed to have been emotionally invested in the negotiations. This is understandable, given how she follows her husband to every fight. This time around, she might have taken it to heart. She could hardly refrain herself from expressing her frustration online, in a rather passive-aggressive manner.

This time she posted two photos on her Instagram stories, hurling snide remarks at the Brit. The first photo has a poster of a fight between Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora, with 4 written on it. It has a clear implication that Fury wants to fight Chisora over and over again, with whom he has dominated over the years.

Fury won every match of the trilogy against Chisora. More importantly, Fury came out of retirement to fight Chisora for the trilogy, going on to have a clean sweep against him. Katerina might have made insinuations of Fury picking fighters he thinks he can defeat. One could sense the disappointment and passive rage in the caption she has attached to the story, “This is the fight that the fans of Belly Fury are waiting for.”

She also seemed to have hit out of the park with witty memes. While it’s a play on the ring name of Fury, it surely depicts the venting out of her frustration. She posted a photo of a gypsy woman, with Fury’s face attached to the body, writing “Gypsy Woman”.

Katerina issued a warrant to Tyson Fury before

Usyk’s wife is not new to this game. After the fight was verbally agreed upon, Katerina issued a warning to Fury. That time she posted a bleak and dreadful meme that included a grim reaper with Usyk’s face. The reaper was seen to be knocking on a door that had Fury’s face attached to it. What’s even more spine-chilling was the trail of blood left behind at the three other doors, consisting of photos of Derek Chisora, Tony Bellew, and Anthony Joshua.

Having said that, Katerina’s frustrations are understandable. How would you react to this entire debacle?


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