Patriots CB Jack Jones faces Police detention following firearms confiscation at airport

Jack Jones, the cornerback of the Patriots, has once again found himself in hot water. He has been detained by the police at the Airport for unlawful possession. This incident could pose a great threat to his career in the NFL and personal life as well. 

The carriage and usage of firearms have for a long-time been a contentious issue in the US. Unfortunately, athletes, who have strong media attention towards them, fail to act responsively with weapons from time to time.

Jack Jones Detained by Police for Unlawful Firearms Possession

While checking Jones’ luggage at Logan Airport the security found two firearms in his carry-on which led to his immediate arrest. He is facing many serious charges as not only was he carrying weapons in the airport, but also didn’t have an identity card to prove the possession of firearms. Besides that, the firearms were also fully loaded. 

All these charges can lead him to face serious consequences. At the moment he has been released with his bail set for $50,000 but the investigation is still going on and he’s set to appear at Boston District Court next week. Fans will likely have to wait till then to find out what the court’s decision final verdict will be.

Jack Jones

His team, the Patriots has also released a statement regarding this matter: 

“We have been notified that Jack Jones was arrested at Logan Airport earlier today. We are in the process of gathering more information and will not be commenting further at this time.”

Jones’ Past Judicial Run-Ins

This is not the first time that Jack has been arrested. He has been involved in illegal acts before and has also been punished. He was arrested for burglary charges in 2018 and faced consequences for his actions but it seems he hasn’t learned anything from his past actions. 

Many are also waiting for the Patriots to take some action. They are known for having strict rules for their players. After Jones’ recent arrest, there is little chance they will simply ignore it.

Jack Jones

The recent arrest of New England Patriots cornerback Jack Jones at Logan Airport for unlawful firearms possession has cast a shadow over his future in the NFL and raised concerns about his personal life. Facing multiple serious charges, Jones’s career could be under serious threat.

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