“People here think Escobar’s the f***in God”: Mike Tyson discusses the impact that gangsters and drug cartels like Pablo Escobar have had on his career

In a captivating episode of the ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson‘ podcast, the realms of fame, power, and morality intertwine as Mike Tyson, the iconic boxing legend, and J Balvin, the Colombian reggaeton superstar, engage in a thought-provoking conversation.

Unexpectedly, their dialogue takes a fascinating turn towards narco-culture and the profound influence of the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Unmasking the truths and revelations, these prominent figures shed light on the interplay between notoriety and celebrated lifestyles.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson reveals how Pablo Escobar affected him

As the podcast unfolds, Tyson and Balvin venture into the realm of Escobar’s impact. Tyson begins by reflecting on the perception of Escobar in the United States, remarking that people in his city have a false perception of him that portrays a beyond human individual. Balvin, initially assuming he was referring to Colombia, where Escobar was born, seeks clarification.

Tyson responds, revealing that he is talking about the idolization of Escobar in America. Balvin acknowledges the global admiration for Escobar, stating that people around the world viewed him as a larger-than-life personality. Tyson elaborates, explaining that in America, Escobar represented a (false) sense of hope for those who had endured hardships, symbolizing an escape from adversity.

Their conversation soon uncovers striking parallels between Tyson’s lifestyle and that of Escobar. Balvin cleverly notes, “Yeah, but if you check the way he was living, it’s actually the way you live, you know, like you, you get so much fame and power that you can live actually the same way as the narcos do.”

Agreeing with Balvin, Tyson acknowledges the influence of these figures on his own lifestyle, confessing, “I do, I do.” He proudly describes himself as a gangster and admits that these individuals taught him how to live.

Balvin, while recognizing this connection, adds a crucial distinction, emphasizing that they taught Tyson how to live but not how to sell drugs. Tyson concurs, clarifying that he is referring to the lifestyle rather than the illegal activities.

Iron Mike discusses the ugly side of the business

Balvin later highlighted that they live like gangsters but emphasize doing the right thing. They discuss the allure of cars and women, acknowledging that one can have those luxuries while maintaining ethical standards. Tyson concludes this thought, by expressing that the lifestyle grants a sense of security until the end of one’s days.

Many people have an understandable level of dismay toward the authority. But when platforms like Netflix premier shows like ‘Narcos’ which by many is a glorified representation of the drug lord’s life, it is possible that some individuals may be tempted to pursue such paths which almost never have a happy ending.

By dissecting their own experiences and the lessons learned, Tyson and Balvin exemplify the significance of maintaining integrity and ethical conduct, even amidst the temptations that come with fame. Their conversation serves as a poignant reflection on the responsible pursuit of power and the implications of being influenced by notorious icons.

But now we pass the question to you. Does a vigilante or antti-heroic lifestyle allure you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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