Rafael Marquez’s desire to coach Barca replacing Xavi displeases Barcelona directors

Barcelona is going through a tough season, facing more challenges each month. The highs of last year’s domestic double are nowhere to be the found as the Blaugrana are 11 points behind league leaders Girona, have lost two derbies to Real Madrid, 2-1 in the league and 4-1 in the Super Copa final, and crashed out of the Copa Del Rey after they lost 4-2 to Athletic Bilbao.

Their damning run continued, as they lost to Villareal 5-3 at home, which resulted in a complete meltdown, as manager Xavi announced that the club needed “a change” and that he would step down as manager at the end of this season.

Rafael Marquez expresses his desire to manage Barcelona

Recently, ex-Barca player Rafael Marquez publicly announced that he would be willing to take the role of being Barca’s manager. There has been a frenzy surrounding Barcelona as to regarding their new manager, after Xavi announced that he would be stepping down at the end of this season, regardless of the outcomes of this season.

Rafael Marquez
Barcelona in Xavi’s third season have been dismal.

Marquez didn’t hesitate and expressed his willingness to take on the role of managing Barcelona if the chance came his way.

As reported by the Metro, Marquez said, “It’s part of the process. It will come if it has to happen to me. Who wouldn’t want to be Barca coach? I will continue working hard, it’s only my second season as a coach. The board will have time to think carefully between now and the end of the season. But you can’t say no to an opportunity like this.”

Rafael Marquez is currently the coach of Barcelona Athletic, which is considered the “B team” of Barcelona. His contract with them is set to end in the summer of 2024, having started his role in 2022.

Barcelona directors are unhappy with Rafael Marquez’s statement

Barcelona directors, including club president Joan Laporta are far from happy with Rafael Marquez’s comments. They do no consider Rafael Marquez to possess the grit, the mentality and the tactical acumen needed to survive as the Barca manager. After all, not everyone is a Pep Guardiola.

Barcelona’s board of directors firmly believe that Marquez isn’t the right person to be elevated to such a significant role, especially considering how swiftly Xavi’s Barcelona has declined within a year of winning the league.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have bounced back from disappointing seasons, and surprise contenders Girona pose a significant threat by currently leading La Liga after a win against Celta Vigo. Athletic Bilbao is also performing strongly this season, potentially jeopardizing Barcelona’s chances of securing a Champions League spot.

Ideally, they would like someone with more experience and pedigree to fill in for Xavi. Jurgen Klopp would be a good fit for Barcelona, and Laporta admires the German’s work with Liverpool as well. Mikel Arteta also would be a good fit for Barca but his chances of leaving Arsenal are very slim despite rumours of him being unhappy at the Emirates.

Rafael Marquez
Joan Laporta and Barca’s board do not consider Rafael Marquez to be experienced enough.

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