RLCS 2024: Rocket League Open qualifiers date, prize money, teams, players and more

The Rocket League video game is deemed to be one of the most played games, but more than that, there is even a higher viewership for its competitive championships. The new RLCS 2024 season has finally been disclosed, just after the controversial poster posted on the official X account on January 9, 2024.

After the longest gap in the history of a title, RLCS 2024 has been announced to kick off in the upcoming days by Epic Games in collaboration with BLAST. It thus becomes important for all the gamers to understand the schedule and prize money of the tournament, along with the teams participating. Here’s everything you need to know.

RLCS 2024 open qualifiers date, prize money

In the recent turn of events, in tandem with their promise, Epic Games has released the date of the diversely talked-about RLCS 2024.

The new season is all set to begin on January 26th with the first open qualifier. Major 1 will consist of both open and closed qualifiers throughout January and February. Exact dates being uncertain, the first major is speculated to be conducted on January 22nd.

Additionally, the second major is scheduled to begin from April 1st–14th, consisting of both open and closed qualifiers. The most promising event, the World Championship, is going to be held in the month of September 2024.

The most-awaited event of the year for Rocket League fans starting in January is confirmed to have a global prize pool worth $4,300,000. The prize pool being larger than ever, it seems exhilarating for all the team players.

RLCS 2024 speculated team, players and more

RLCS 2024, while on the verge of being held this winter, this month, teams would have gone through the extreme layers of tough competitions to reach where they would be.

The format of teams applying for both the Majors and the World Championship is as followed:

  • North America: Top four teams
  • Europe: Top four teams
  • Middle East & North Africa: Top two teams
  • Oceania: Top two teams
  • South America: Top two teams
  • Asia-Pacific: Top team
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Top team.

After the Majors round 2 finishes, the top qualifiers earning the most cumulative RLCS points in the entire 2024 season will fight for the throne at the World Championship.

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