Roger Goodell’s controversial joke on NFL being scripted draws mixed reactions from supports: “NFL is scripted confirmed?”

Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner recently stirred up a storm of fan reaction with his joke about the NFL being scripted. During the 2022 campaign, a running joke circulated on social media suggesting that the NFL had scripted the entire season. But did Roger Goodell also accept that the league is scripted?

Roger Goodell confirms NFL is scripted? – no, he is joking.


Surprisingly Roger Goodell joined in on the joke during a live event where he introduced Jason and Travis Kelce. While it’s rare for people to compliment Goodell, his willingness to address “the script” deserves acknowledgment. 

Although the idea of the league fixing games and scripting outcomes is completely ambiguous and absurd, it’s unexpected for Goodell to bring up such a topic, let alone make a joke about it.

Fans mixed reactions to Roger Goodell’s controversial joke

Following Roger Goodell’s controversial joke about the NFL scripting games, fans expressed a range of opinions and emotions. One fan took the opportunity to express their lack of surprise, stating, “confirming the league is rigged for the Chiefs, not surprised.” This comment reflects a belief in the conspiracy theory that suggests the league favors certain teams.

Interestingly, another fan took Goodell’s comment more seriously, suggesting that he was actually revealing the truth. They observed that people were cheering for the notion of games being scripted, adding a touch of humor with the remark, “lol.”

Amid these reactions, one fan raised a question, seeking confirmation: “NFL is scripted confirmed?” This query implies a genuine curiosity about whether the league is indeed scripted, perhaps wondering if Goodell’s joke held any validity.

These varied responses demonstrate the diverse viewpoints among the league fans regarding the commissioner’s joke, ranging from skepticism to amusement and even the potential acceptance of a scripted narrative within the league. 


Ultimately, whether fans interpret Goodell’s joke as a playful moment or as a subtle nod to a hidden truth, it highlights the enduring fascination and speculation that surrounds the world of professional football.

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