“Roster wasn’t good enough, coaching wasn’t good enough” Ex-Bucs’ C Bruce Arians’ honest Tom Brady statement draws criticism from NFL community

Last year, Tom Brady had one of his worst seasons in NFL history. The seven-time Super Bowl champion not only went through a divorce but also was battling against thousands of haters and angry fans who were not pleased with Brady’s performance. Many of these “critique” fans bashed TB12 and wrote “senior citizen” on social media platforms, including Twitter.  

Later Brady had enough of the criticism and announced his retirement on the first day of February 2023. Now that Brady is retired, the same fan base asks, “why did Brady retire?” the answer is simple, and everyone knows it. 

tom brady
A disappointed TB12.

Nonetheless, reporters occasionally ask the famous fan question to teammates and coaches to shed some light on the matter. Recently, Rich Eisen interviewed Bucs coach Bruce Arians and asked him what went wrong with his team this season.

Answering the question, the good old coach pointed out the defects in the Bucs’ team. While speaking about the issues, Bruce also addressed the issues with Tom Brady.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady and coach Bruce Arians.

What did Bruce Arians say about Tom Brady?

Even though Arians was talking about the Buccaneers team and how they failed, he could not stop mentioning TB12. Firstly, Bruce points out that the roaster did not follow their plans as key players like Ryan Jensen and Shaq Barrett got injured. 

Moreover, while speaking about Tom, Arians said, “Tom wasn’t himself, you know, with all the things that were going on. And I got to give him all the credit in the world for battling through what he went through last year for his teammates. I think the world of him but it wasn’t the real Tom Brady out there.”

The coach is certainly right. TB12 was not feeling himself, thanks to his haters and back-biting teammates, who mocked him during his emotional divorce from Gisele Bündchen.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady’s teammates mocked him.

Now with no Brady on board, the Bucs need a solid quarterback who can serve them well. The question is can they find one with a $35M cap hit? Bucs fans will sure hope so. 


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