“Russell Wilson is fighting for his job”: NFL insider drops shock bomb on QB’s tenuous position with Broncos

The Super Bowl champion K.J. Wright recently made a bold prediction of the Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton’s approach to their star quarterback Russell Wilson citing skepticism regarding how the QB will react to the direct and unfiltered assessment of the HC as Sean will possibly let everyone know his remark loud and clear following a poor performance.

Amid the ongoing discussion, former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum has set the football world abuzz with the next warning for the young star.

Why does Mike Tannenbaum believe that it is a make-or-break season for Russell Wilson in the Broncos?

The renowned ESPN analyst Mike Tannenbaum provided insight into how the Broncos’ new HC label the players in the team.

“Let me take you behind the curtain. The first meeting in Denver, I worked with coach Parcells in 1997 with the New York Jets – Sean Payton worked with Bill Parcells. Here is exactly what he said: ‘Fellas, I go by what I see. The best players will play.”

Despite signing a whopping five-year, $245M deal, Mike also gave a reality check to Denver’s franchise quarterback following a disappointing 5-12 season, saying Wilson is fighting more for his job than continuing his legacy.

Russell Wilson

“Russell Wilson isn’t fighting for his legacy, he’s fighting for his job. He (Payton) couldn’t care about salary cap charge or money, the best players will play.”

Russ had to witness a major downturn on the field in his first season with the Broncos with a career-worst passer rating of 84.4, a career-low 16 touchdown passes as well as a career-high 55 sacks and Mike believes if the football star can’t adopt the approach of Payton, the franchise might end up using a future NFL draft pick to select a replacement for him.

“They (Denver) will draft his replacement if he (Wilson) doesn’t do everything he (Payton) says from day one.”

Tannenbaum says Sean Payton is not beholden to anyone

The Broncos earlier reached terms with the New Orleans Saints to include Payton on the roster as the new head coach following the disastrous season and the veteran HC kicked started his job incredibly since his arrival in February.

The 59-year-old threw a major blow in his first press conference by declaring his decision of not allowing any outside coaches including Wilson’s personal quarterback coach.

Reminding the big change, the ESPN analyst said the Denver coach doesn’t have anyone to beholden and even their franchise’s promising QB could see him out of the squad despite having a lucrative guaranteed deal.

Russell Wilson

“If you go back to his press conference, Sean Payton talked about there will be no outside coaches or mentors in the building. He (Payton) is the new sheriff in town, and is beholden to no one, including Russell Wilson’s guaranteed money.”

Whether the Broncos QB will ultimately fight to retain his position or face an uncertain future with another team remains to be seen, however, one thing is for certain: Payton will continue his approach of keeping all the athletes on a continuous run for proving themselves on the field.

Will Russ be able to overcome these challenges and cement his legacy as one of the best quarterbacks in the league? Tell us about your thoughts in the comment section.


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