Super Bowl LVII: WWE stars react to Rihanna’s halftime performance

The halftime shows during the Superbowl usually attract a lot of curious fans who want to see a high-production musical performance. Unfortunately, this year it was only Rihanna who showed up for the program and this garnered mixed reactions from spectators which also included some WWE stars.

WWE referee DA Brewer and Wrestler Bianca Belair seemed to enjoy the performance put on by Rihanna. This isn’t saying much as ladies in the entertainment industry tend to prop up each other most of the time regardless of their performances. Many think such acts help spread feminism but in reality, this only annoys rational people more.

On the other hand, Jacob A. Kasper was not impressed with the performance by the dancers so he decided to try and validate his own dancing skills by hilariously tweeting, “Nobody can ever tell me that I can’t dance. I’m better than Rihanna’s back up dancers.”

The WWE star also attached a video of his dancing which might not be very impressive to the professionals but should bring some humor and joy to the more casual part of the fandom.

Iron Sheik also decided to bring his usual shtick into the matter by referencing his disdain for the ‘Umbrella’. For those who don’t know, Umbrella is one of the more famous songs by Rihanna which has been played to death according to many. Some fans can’t get enough of this track while others just find it annoying.

Dutch Mantell had a lot to say, “Rihanna??? Not a huge fan but actually expected more from the SuperBowl halftime show. Prince, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Paul McCartney…were better. Rihanna got hyped so much but underdelivered. Comments?”

He also added, “I thought she was pregnant and I said she under delivered? It would’ve made it 200% better if she had delivered a her baby 100 ft in the air. Top that @USFL”

What is your opinion on RIhanna’s performance?


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