Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s love story goes academic with Harvard English course

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance gained widespread attention in 2023, capturing the intersection of the music and NFL worlds. From Kelce publicly expressing his desire to share his number with Taylor Swift, to him buying a new luxurious mansion for Swift’s privacy, the couple has come a long way.

The interesting thing about this relationship is that they have got all of their friends and family members involved. But hold on because the real game-changer is their romance stepping into the hallowed halls of Harvard University.

Harvard professor to teach course on Travis-Taylor romance

Absurd as it sounds, Harvard University is set to offer a course titled ‘Taylor Swift and Her World,’ covering aspects of Swift’s life, including her relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce. 

The course will be taught by Harvard English professor Stephanie Burt, focusing on the literary merit of Taylor Swift’s music and exploring her relationships as a significant source of inspiration.

“She writes about her relationships, so we’ll be talking about Travis Kelce. The amount of time we give him, is going to depend of whether she has released songs about him and their relationship. But the focus is on her as an artist,” the professor said.

Professor Burt emphasized that the primary focus is on Taylor Swift as an artist, with attention to Travis Kelce being contingent on whether Swift releases songs about their relationship.

She also added that she sees Taylor Swift as one of the great songwriters of our time, utilizing words in her performances akin to poetry and literary writing. The course aims to delve into the artistic expression and excellence in Swift’s work, using her relationships as a lens to understand her creative process.

“I’m a literary scholar, and try to study and share excellence in the arts that use words. Like poetry, literary writing… Song writers use words in their performance, and Taylor Swift is one of the great songwriters of our time”.

The course has garnered substantial interest, with just under 300 people already signing up, a remarkable figure compared to Harvard’s average class size of 12 students.

“I believe we’re just under 300 people. I will have help though, with two other teaching assistants on board,” the professor added.

The popularity of this course is not shocking considering the incredible interest the NFL fans and the Swifties have shown in this relationship and now, they have a chance to study it at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Travis Kelce joins Taylor Swift again following Brazil stop of Eras Tour

Immediately after completing her South American tour leg, Taylor Swift swiftly headed to Travis Kelce’s new mansion, demonstrating her eagerness to be with him and support his achievements in person.

The pop icon was reported to land in Kansas City the next day after her tour ended and she went straight to Travis Kelce’s residence.

Travis Kelce
Via People

While Swift was in Brazil for her concerts, Travis Kelce achieved a record-breaking milestone in the NFL becoming the fastest tight end to rack up 11k receiving yards. Even though Swift was not with him, she shared her support by liking the post shared by the Kansas City Chiefs about this remarkable achievement of the TE.

Swift’s prompt arrival at Kelce’s home and her liking of the post celebrating his achievements speak of the supportive nature of their relationship, where they actively engage in each other’s successes and milestones. Since the start of their relationship Taylor Swift tried to attend almost every game of the TE, some she couldn’t because of her busy schedule.

Travis Kelce
Via Marca

Both Swift and Kelce make efforts to support each other in their respective careers, with Kelce attending Swift’s concerts in South America and Swift planning to spend time in Kelce’s new mansion. They both have been busy with their work, and it is reported that now they plan to spend extended time together in Kelce’s new $6 million mansion.

The couple has aspirations to celebrate holidays together, visit each other’s families, and embark on a romantic getaway, highlighting their strong connection and future plans.

But one thing’s for sure – Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s love affair isn’t just the world’s favorite show, it’s also staging a full-on cultural revolution. These two aren’t just making headlines, they’re creating a pop-culture syllabus and Harvard’s the VIP front row.

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