The 10 ugliest footballers in the world

Many players stand out for being physically attractive. In general, we usually see popular players on the covers of magazines promoting products such as Ronaldo or Messi. However, there are other players who are recognized as the most popular ugliest football players of this sport.

The image of a soccer player is fundamental in elite teams. Football is increasingly linked in marketing or product sales campaigns in which the image is fundamental. Unfortunately, these players are not the ideal sellers for these kinds of campaigns because of their physical attractiveness.

This does not mean that they have not achieved success in this sport. On the contrary, several of these players have gone far in their respective teams thanks to their good game. The public started loving them despite their lack of beauty.

The 10 players who are part of this ranking would surely wish not to be part of it, but their lack of physical attractiveness has led them to be on these lists. These are some of the 10 ugliest footballers in the history of this sport:

#10. Franck Ribery

Ribery in Bayern Munich

Ribery is one of the best soccer players in the history of Bayern Munich. His great seasons in Bundesliga led him to become a legend of this team. The french player was one of the best forwards that fans have seen in football history.

However, for some reason he is part of this ranking and it is because of its bad appearance. Fans praised Frank for his good game, but it was inevitable not to notice his face. Many, unaware of his story, laughed at his face because of his bad appearance.

At 2 years old he suffered a major car accident that left him with serious injuries to his face. This led him to be one of the ugliest football players and earn a lot of teasing from people who didn’t know his story. However, with his good game he became one of the most popular soccer players.

#9. Carlos Tevez

Tevez in Boca juniors

Another clear example that beauty is not important when playing football is Tevez. “The Apache” is one of the best players in Argentine football and had an important step through English football where he won the affection of fans.

Carlitos is one of the players with the worst physical appearance ever seen in football history. With his big ears and big teeth, Tevez earned a place in the ranking of the ugliest players in history. He also suffered a small accident at home when a pot of hot water fell on him that caused third degree burns on his neck.

Despite having achieved football success and having won a large amount of money, Tevez remained humble and refused cosmetic surgery. This demonstrates his great humility that, over the years, always remained intact.

#8. Héctor Herrera

Herrera before plastic surgery

One of the best soccer players in the history of Mexico is also one of the ugliest soccer players in history. In any case, he was not deprived of reaching the major European leagues since he had the luxury of having a good football step in Atlético Madrid.

However, his lack of physical beauty has been the subject of conversations in several times. His big ears and his considerably small head have led him to earn a place in this ranking.

His bad appearance does not deprive him of forming a good football career. During the same, he played for Pachuca, Porto and Atletico Madrid. In these 3 teams he stood out thanks to his good skills with which he scored 38 goals over the years.

#7. Joleon Lescott

Joleon Lescott
Lescott Aston Villa

This player has one of the most impressive stories in this ranking. At his short 5 years he was involved in a car accident that led him to have a large scar on his forehead. In this hard accident he almost lost his life.

However, he always remained focused on fulfilling his dream. Since childhood he knew that he wanted to be a footballer and reach the top of football. This dream was earned and he became an example of perseverance and success.

Lescott is an example of respect for all the people in the world. Many people are shocked when they hear their story and it is really admirable how this young player managed to fulfill his dream after his hard childhood.

#6. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho in Barca

It is impossible to make this ranking without naming this Brazilian player. Ronaldinho is one of the best players in the world since he has captivated viewers with his dribbling and skills. Despite this, he is also known for his bad appearance.

The Brazilian is one of the ugliest soccer players that fans have ever seen. His big nose and teeth led him to earn a place in this ranking. However, his good skills made him go down in history as a legend of FC Barcelona and the Brazilian national team.

The most surprising thing is that several cosmetic surgeries have been performed to improve his appearance. We leave at your discretion if he looks more beautiful or not physically.

#5. Mesut Ozil

Ozil playing in Arsenal

We don’t need to give many explanations about why this player is in this ranking. His popularity is well known since he is a very good and skilled footballer. However, he does not stand out for being attractive.

His big eyes led him to be teased since they compared him with Nemo the fish, his ears also do not help him improve his image. A comparison of him with Enzo Ferrari has also become popular a short time ago because of its incredible resemblance.

Despite its appearance, Ozil has won an immense amount of championships both in English football and with his national team, making it clear that beauty does not affect anything at the time of playing football.

#4. Felipe Caicedo

Caicedo in Lazio

Caicedo gained his popularity by being considered one of the ugliest football players in America. During the 2011 Copa América, a poll was made to the public to choose the ugliest player in the tournament. The public voted and elected Caicedo.

Luckily, Felipe took it as a joke and maintained his characteristic charismatic style. Despite being one of the ugliest players in America, his teammates love him for his charismatic character. He managed to stand out in European football playing for Lazio where he developed a great popularity within Italy.

In Colombia, he is one of the most beloved players by the public due to his great performance in the national team.

#3. Ruy Bueno Neto

Ruy Bueno Neto

This footballer is recognized worldwide for his big head. This feature led him to receive his characteristic nickname “Cabecao.” His skills are quite good, but the public recognizes him mainly for the large size of his head.

Ruy “Cabecao” formed a good football career in Brazil where he is quite recognized. Many make jokes for his head, but he takes it to grace keeping his charisma intact.

Despite being one of the most popular ugliest players, he formed a more than decent football career. Starting in the year 2001, he had a step by several Brazilian soccer teams in which he has stood out for his good skills and for his big head.

#2. Héctor Reynoso

Reynoso is one of the most popular mexican players

There is little to explain about the position of this player in this ranking. If it weren’t for the number 1 appearance, this player would deserve it. Herrera is one of the most recognized players in Mexican soccer, as well as one of the most popular ugliest football players.

His great soccer skills led him to be one of the most popular players in Mexico. He developed a broad football career that led him to success beyond the Mexican lands.

In each team where he played, he took the popularity of fans. The fans singed his name thanks to the huge amount of goals that he left game after game.

#1. Luka Modric

Modric with his ballon d’or

We could not do this ranking without leaving this Croatian midfielder first. First place was predestined to be for him even before we started thinking about who should be part of this ranking.

No one doubts that he is one of the best soccer players in the world. For something he managed to win a ballon d‘or a year ago. His good game as a midfielder gave a lot of trophies to Real Madrid and led his national team towards the final of the 2018 World Cup.

However, his physical appearance is very bad. He is the ugliest footballer in history, mainly because of his huge nose. In addition, it seems that his face is not the most proportionate we have seen.

Despite this, no one doubts that he has achieved immense football success that few players could achieve. The jokes that the public makes about his physical appearance would seem not to affect him and he has even made jokes towards himself about his physique.


These are the 10 ugliest football players in the history of football. Many fans remember them for their unattractive physical appearance, although they will also be remembered for their great performances in this sport that have led them to win a lot of championships.


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