Tom Brady endorses Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ ‘appropriate’ drunk Super Bowl LVII ‘parade behavior’

Tom Brady has come out with his opinion on Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs quarterback has been fantastic on and off the field. The star quarterback Mahomes not only helped his team win the Super Bowl despite his ankle injury but was also responsible and sensible enough to take his family on a Disney land trip. 

However, all of his responsible attributes disappeared while attending the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII celebration parade. Many fans on social media commented that the rising legend of the Chiefs was allegedly drunk in the parade and did not know what he was doing. 

The crowd comment did make sense as not only did Patrick come out with an astonishing attire- wearing a WWE belt and goggles that too on his forehead- but he also gave away the Vince Lombardi Trophy to a random fan. His drunk behavior does not end there, as the star quarterback completely forgets about the prize Super Bowl Trophy and wanders off elsewhere!

Many people on social media could not help themselves from laughing at the hilarious scene. However, one man—the most important man in the NFL universe—appreciates Mahomes’ efforts to entertain the fans, and that man is none other than the NFL GOAT, Tom Brady!

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes gives away the Vince Lombardi Trophy to a random fan.

What did Tom Brady say about Patrick Mahomes?

On Friday, TB12 came out on Twitter with his new tweet, sharing the hilarious scene of the Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Brady famously captions shares the video, writing, “Looks like appropriate parade behavior to me 🤝@PatrickMahomes.”

Moreover, nearly 164 thousand people agreed with Brady and liked his tweet. On the other hand, the fans will agree with the NFL GOAT as he knows a thing or two about pleasing the fans, as he has done it for multiple years. 

Furthermore, TB12 is noticeably going all out when it comes to making comments about football. It seems like becoming the best sports analyst has really gotten into the legendary quarterback’s head! However, Tom’s defending the emerging QB was undoubtedly an awesome gesture.

What is your take on Brady’s recent comments? You can share your thoughts in the comments. 


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